Bio-Adhesive Film prevents oil dispersion.

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Non-toxic and water-activated, Corimer™ Bio-Gel has potential to solve public health and environmental problems. Once it makes contact with water, product self-spreads rapidly into uniform plastic film, preventing mosquito's reproductive cycle that takes place on surface of shallow, still water. For oil spills, bio-gel automatically and forcefully condenses all dispersed oil into pool surrounded by bio-film. Product can also be applied to water surface that contains algae, debris, or garbage.

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Corimer(TM) Eco-Friendly Bio-Gel's Latest

Its multiple applications now range from fighting mosquito infestation to managing organic farming

CHICAGO, -- A team of biotech researchers has announced a new proprietary "breakthrough" platform technology that has the potential to solve a host of pressing public health and environmental problems.

In this case, the remedy is a non-toxic, water-activated, bio-adhesive film called Corimer™ bio-gel. It was invented by Frank K. Leung, M.D., F.A.C.E., and developed by researchers at Coremed LLC, an Illinois-based company (  Leung, a summa cum laude graduate in chemistry, is a board-certified physician and Harvard-trained endocrinologist who has been engaged in diabetes and polymer research for 15 years.

Corimer™ safety data presented at AAPS, using rat fibroblast cell culture model for cell growth, morphology and apoptosis for chromatin condensation and nuclear fragmentations, suggest that it is non-toxic to cells.

Its varied applications include:

Mosquito infestation:
The global health community now has a new tool that targets the mosquito's reproductive cycle that takes place on the surface of shallow, still water, Leung said. "Once it makes contact with water, the gel forms a plastic covering that 'glues' to a water surface immediately," he said. "It self-spreads rapidly into a uniform plastic film that is long-lasting.

Live larvae experiments showed that they have great difficulty anchoring themselves on a water surface to breathe. They get exhausted and drown."

In vivo live larvae studies, the results indicated outstanding efficacy and reproducibility in killing 100% in 24 hours when water surface is completely covered by the bio-film, without the need to use insecticides or larvicides.

Users can spray the bio-gel on a water surface, making sure it is completely covered by the bio-film.

Oil Spills:
Corimer™ bio-gel is a powerful tool to contain oil spreading from spills. Its action is immediate. The bio-gel automatically and forcefully condenses all dispersed oil into a pool surrounded by bio-film. The force to contain the oil spread is so great that oil remains coerced for days. Oil can then easily be removed by burning or through such conventional methods as suction, providing crucial shoreline and beach protection.

When threat of oil contamination is near, pour bio-gel on water bordering a shoreline. A bio-film will form quickly. The entire bio-film can easily be lifted and discarded with minimal efforts.

Garbage Management:
Apply Corimer™bio-gel to a water surface that contains algae, debris or garbage. Use conventional methods to remove the contents.

Organic Farming:
In organic farming, Corimer™ bio-gel can "freeze" and encapsulate small flying or crawling insects and remove them without the use of a pesticide. Swarms of ants, spiders and wasps can be removed by Corimer™ bio-gel within seconds. It can be used to seal ant tunnels. For larger insects, apply water directly to wet the insects' body and then spray them with the gel. Remove with minimal effort.

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