Binks Helps "Fine-Tune" Finishing With Tips And Gun Extensions

December, 2006 - Glendale Heights, IL - Binks continues to enhance its product offerings for unsurpassed atomization and spray finishing performance.

The new Binks 114-Series (TM) Premium Air Assisted Airless Tips have been designed to provide superior spray pattern uniformity that delivers consistent coverage, and provides new levels of quality when spraying stain, toner, lacquer and top coat applications using, low, medium and high viscosity materials. These tips offer three times the fan pattern uniformity of competitive air assisted airless guns, when measuring the variation of spray uniformity throughout the spray pattern.

The new 114-Series Tips can be used with the Binks AA-1500, AA-4000 and MAG AA Automatic Spray Guns.

The Binks AA 1500 and AA4000 spray guns feature new AA-10 air caps that particularly improve coverage when spraying primers and urethane top coats. The design offers better balance between atomizing air and fan air, which improves atomization quality.

These new air caps offer:
Enhanced coating atomization
Reduced build-up of acid catalyzed coatings
Improved fan pattern adjustment for hard-to-reach or recessed areas

In addition to the 114-Series Tips and the re-designed Air Assist Airless spray gun air caps, Binks offers gun extensions and a large selection of nozzles for conventional and HVLP spray guns - maximizing operator control and comfort.

The Binks nozzle extension line is among the most diverse in the industry. These nozzle extensions have been designed to reach out-of-the-way places, and to fit virtually every application ... from fine-line finishing to overglazes.

In general, the size of the nozzle is determined by the required finishing results:
Small nozzles are idea for inks, stain, dyes for fine line results
Medium nozzles are best used for enamel and lacquer finishing
Larger nozzles are best suited for applications not requiring fine-finish control, such as under glazing and thinned overglazes

Binks pioneered the development of liquid spray finishing technology over 100 years ago and continues to set the standards for industrial spray finishing. For further information about Binks spray finishing or fluid delivery products, please call Customer Service at 800.992.4657, or visit the Binks website at

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