Binding Posts speed repetitive test connections.

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Built to military specifications, Spring-Loaded Binding Posts help minimize amount of time required by electronics test and service technicians to conduct test by enabling them to quickly connect wiring by pushing cap down, inserting wire into open jaws, and releasing.

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Spring Loaded Binding Posts Built For Speed

Manufactured to military specifications, posts simplify repetitive test connections

EVERETT, Wash.,- Pomona Electronics, the leading manufacturer of cable assemblies, connectors, and test accessories, announces its spring-loaded binding posts, designed to speed test applications that require frequent connects and disconnects. These binding posts speed wire connections up to five times faster than conventional binding posts, saving time and aggravation.

Built to rugged military specifications, the spring-loaded posts decrease the amount of time required by electronics test and service technicians to conduct tests by enabling them to quickly connect wiring by simply pushing the cap down, inserting the wire into the open jaws, and releasing.

"Pomona's spring-loaded binding posts are very popular for applications where people need to connect and disconnect a wire time and time again," said Pomona Product Manager Dwight Hyland. "And because they're built to military specifications, they'll work a long time while withstanding considerable abuse."

Pomona Electronics spring-loaded binding posts are available from most general electronics distributors at a cost of $17.60 each.

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