Bilsing Carbon Fiber Master Boom Meets GM World Tool Standards Lighter than Aluminum, Stronger than Steel

Roseville, MI – Bilsing Automation has announced that it offers Carbon Fiber (CF) Master Booms that meet dimensional specification and standards as set by General Motors for its World Tool Boom. In independent laboratory tests comparing steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber booms tested to 1,000,000 cycles with approximately 350 lb. force of tension and compression loaded, Bilsing Carbon Fiber Master Booms proved to be lighter and more robust than aluminum yet stronger than steel booms of the same size.

The Bilsing Master Boom is manufactured from an ultra high modulus graphite carbon fiber. This higher elastic stiffness significantly reduces the vibration as experienced with aluminum booms. For example, in press applications using aluminum and steel tube tooling, the press needs to be opened wider to avoid component contact with other parts of the machinery due to potential vibration. This slows down the cycle time.  Use of carbon fiber tooling virtually eliminates vibrations, allowing a smaller press opening to improve production rates by up to 20 percent, and lowering cost over the life of the tool.

Bilsing has proven success in replacing traditional aluminum or steel structures in a variety of applications with carbon fiber tools that meet dimensional and performance specification requirements as defined by various OEM or governing organization standards. The company offers a wide variety of CF profiles, including customized profiles for specific applications. To see if Bilsing can convert your tooling requirements to a carbon fiber solution, contact or 586-463-0686.


About Bilsing Automation

Bilsing Automation North America is a subsidiary of Bilsing Automation GmbH (Attendorn, Germany), a global leader in the development and manufacturing of modular tooling systems for the pressroom, body shop and plastic molding applications in the automotive, food, packaging and glass industries. The company is focused on providing optimum product performance that results in cost reductions, supporting the customer through planning, design, engineering, assembly and commissioning.  Bilsing Automation also offers 3D digital simulation and on-site training as part of its service offerings.

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