Bilsing Automation's Bond+Bolt(TM) Technology Strong as Steel Weld with Carbon Fiber Productivity

Clinton Township, MI -- Bilsing Automation has announced that its Bond+Bolt fastening technology, used to secure joints on its Carbon Fiber (CF) tooling booms, has proven to be as strong as steel welding the joints while offering lower manufacturing costs. The Bond+Bolt solution marries the carbon fiber structures at the joints first with an adhesive and then reinforces it with steel bolts through the core. Previously, to achieve this level of strength would have required the joints of the CF profiles to be laminated and would over the joints, raising the manufacturing cost.

Innovations such as the Bond+Bolt technology should encourage manufacturers to consider the use of carbon fiber tooling in their automation. Robotic applications that employ carbon fiber benefit from reduced cycle times of up to 20% and improved cadence as compared to aluminum and steel tubing.

Bilsing produces a series of round, square and conical tooling as well as custom profiles for specific customer needs. Potential CF applications include crossbar beams, loading and unloading beams, destacking beams, panel loading t-booms, and tooling supports for bodyshop, pressroom, injection molding and other operations.

Bilsing's round carbon fiber profiles are compatible with a wide variety of popular brand standard vacuum, gripper and power clamp components, making it easy for companies to switch to a CF solution. To help customers make informed decisions, the company offers a free carbon fiber applications guide and provides a cost/value analysis of existing of future tool development.

Bilsing Automation is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of modular tooling systems for the pressroom, body shop and plastic molding applications in the automotive, food, packaging and glass industries. The company is focused on providing optimum product performance that results in cost reductions, supporting the customer through planning, design, engineering, assembly and commissioning. Bilsing Automation also offers 3D digital simulation and on-site training as part of its service offerings.

Companies using Bilsing Automation's carbon fiber tooling benefit from joints as strong as steel welds while gaining productivity through lighter weight.

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