Bihl+Wiedemann GEN. 2 AS-I Safety Gateway Monitors Two Safety at Work Networks at Once

Minneapolis, Minn.-- TURCK announces new Gen. 2 AS-interface® (AS-i) safety gateways manufactured by Bihl+Wiedemann and distributed by TURCK in the United States. The new gateways integrate AS-i safety monitors and slaves, allowing two Safety at Work networks and up to 16 release circuits to be monitored through each gateway. Now, two independent AS-i networks can be powered by a single power supply, providing diagnostic data to the higher-level controller and eliminating costs associated with additional power supplies and gateways.

Bihl+Wiedemann AS-i masters monitor duplicate address detection, ground faults, EMC levels, error counters, emergency stops and safety light barriers, among other devices. The safety products offer a choice of relay or electronic outputs with expanded programming that allows up to 256 functions, without increasing response time. Up to 31 Safety at Work networks can be easily linked together and initiated at once.

The Gen. 2 gateways are available for EtherNet/IP(TM), Modbus TCP, PROFINET®, PROFIBUS®-DP and EtherCAT, providing the user with detailed diagnostic data and system status through the display and host network. Each gateway includes a removable memory card that stores up to four ASIMON software programs, where basic characteristics may be added.

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