BI Suite enhances data visualization and charting.

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Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite v3.1 includes charting and visualization capabilities that supplement dynamic dashboards and interactive Web 2.0 interfaces. In addition to built-in chart types and integration with third-party visualization engines, features include ability to create and apply themes to customize chart appearance. Combination of technologies delivers ability to mash-up BI features to provide seamless, cross-application, browser-based experience.

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Jaspersoft Announces New Community Edition of the World's Most Widely Deployed Business Intelligence Software

Jaspersoft upgrades its BI suite with new capabilities, including enhanced charting and integration with third-party visualization engines

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 9 -- Jaspersoft Corporation, publisher of the most widely used business intelligence (BI) software in the world, today announced an upgrade to the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite v3 Community and Professional Editions. The new release includes advanced charting and visualization capabilities that supplement the dynamic dashboards and interactive Web 2.0 interfaces introduced earlier this year.

Specific features include new built-in chart types, the ability to create and apply chart themes to customize the detailed appearance of charts, and easy integration with third-party visualization engines. Together these new capabilities deliver a richer experience for the display and visualization of data.

"As business intelligence spreads more pervasively across organizations, the need to provide more graphical means for interacting with and representing data is clear," said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. "Today's generation of knowledge worker, informed by the capabilities of the Internet and Web 2.0 user environments, expects no less."

Developers can use the new chart theme capability available in Jaspersoft v3.1 to change the overall appearance of built-in charts without having to write chart customizers or use an extensive set of chart properties. By using a single property setting it is possible to change the look and feel of all built-in chart types contained in existing and new reports. This feature makes use of the new custom component support also introduced in this release, and is particularly valuable for the many developers and ISVs who have embedded Jaspersoft in their applications.

Chart themes can be applied to all built-in chart types including bar, bar 3D, stacked bar, stacked bar 3D, pie, pie 3D, area, stacked area, line, XY line, XY bar, XY area, time series bar, time series line, time period bar, scatter, bubble, high-low and gauge charts. Developers can also tap third-party visualizations with the new public API for integration engines such as mapping, geospatial, advanced charting, and other types of information visualization techniques to further facilitate information exploration and understanding.

Other features available in Jaspersoft v3.1 include the recently announced certification for Sun's GlassFish application server, and Section 508 compliance, which was developed in conjunction with Jaspersoft's recent addition to the GSA schedule for U.S. government agencies.

Additional enhancements now available in Jaspersoft v3.1 include:

o professional Edition localization packs now included in all geographies at no additional charge, including English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese;

o data source support for calculated fields in the ad hoc query metadata layer using the Jaspersoft expression language; and

o the latest version of the iReport graphical report design tool, now running on the NetBeans platform;

o portal support now available in the Community Edition, including the JSR-168 compliant Jaspersoft portlet; and

o improved support for "Domain" metadata-driven ad hoc query from the iReport advanced report design tool.

Jaspersoft's BI Suite delivers on the promise of "Business Intelligence for Everyone" by using Web 2.0 technologies coupled with advanced metadata functionality. It includes an interactive Web 2.0 interface based on an AJAX framework, dynamic HTML, and other technologies that deliver the ability to mash-up business intelligence features to provide a seamless, cross-application, browser-based experience. Jaspersoft makes it easy for anyone to build and update dashboards in real-time, drag and drop information from multiple sources, and build queries and reports with the click of a mouse.

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