Bi-Directional ESD Protectors come in 0201 and 0402 packages.

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Model SESD0201P1BN-0400-090, available in 0201 package with input capacitance of 4.0 pF and SESD0402P1BN-0450-090, offered in 0402 package with 4.5 pF capacitance utilize SMT technology for placement on PCBs. Units feature surge rating of 2 A under 8 x 20 µs surge and ESD rating of 10 kV contact discharge, as well as leakage current of 1.0 µA maximum and response time of less than 1 ns. Passive ChipSESD package allows for solder inspection after mounting.

Original Press Release:

Tyco Electronics' Bi-Directional, Silicon-Based ESD Protection Devices Help Reduce Assembly Challenges

ChipSESD protection devices in standard 0201 and 0402 packages

MENLO PARK, Calif. - Tyco Electronics (TE) has announced the expansion of its silicon ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection product portfolio with the introduction of 0201- and 0402-size devices that are easier to install and rework than traditional semiconductor-packaged ESD devices. The ChipSESD package combines the advantages of an active silicon device with a traditional Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) passive packaging configuration.

The SESD0201P1BN-0400-090 (0201 package) and SESD0402P1BN-0450-090 (0402 package) devices' bi-directional operation facilitates placement on the printed circuit board (PCB) without orientation constraints and eliminates the need for polarity inspection. Unlike conventional ESD diode packaging using pads on the bottom of the device, the ChipSESD devices' passive package also allows for easy solder inspection after the device has been mounted on the PCB.

The ChipSESD devices feature a surge rating of 2A under 8x20µs surge and an ESD rating of 10kV contact discharge. The devices' low-leakage current (1.0µA max) reduces power consumption and a fast response time (<1ns) helps equipment to pass IEC61000-4-2, level 4 testing. Their input capacitance of 4.0pF (0201 package) and 4.5pF (0402 package) makes them suitable for helping to protect:

- Cellular phones and portable electronics

- Digital cameras and camcorders

- Computer I/O ports

- Keypads, low voltage DC lines, speakers, headphones and microphones

"The ongoing trend toward discrete component miniaturization often presents designers with difficult and time-consuming engineering prototyping and rework challenges as well as manufacturing process control issues," stated Nicole Palma, Product Manager. "Tyco Electronics' new ChipSESD devices help mitigate assembly and manufacturing challenges and speed time to market. They also demonstrate Tyco Electronics' commitment to providing a broad portfolio of smaller scale, higher-performance SMT solutions for the consumer electronics industry."

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SESD0201P1BN-0400-090 (EIA-0201 package) - $0.105 for 15Kpcs

SESD0402P1BN-0450-090 (EIA-0402 package) - $0.080 for 10Kpcs

Availability: Prototype samples available now

Delivery: 16 weeks ARO


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