BetaGuard PM 3.0 Certifications

Particulate Emissions Monitoring

MSI has completed six PS-11 certifications of the new BetaGuard PM 3.0 particulate emission monitor in recent months.  Certification to EPA methods 5, 5B, and MATS method 5 has been done on both wet and dry stacks at coal-fired power plants.  For more than a decade, the BetaGuard PM CEMS has demonstrated continuous compliance with particulate emission limits. In the 3.0 model, released in early 2013, MSI engineered a new operating system that gives the end user almost unlimited flexibility in monitor set up and a new, improved data interface.  If you need a proven, reliable PM CEMS, contact: —MSI/Mechanical Systems, Inc., 608/825-2055,

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