Beta Max Provides Global Glazing Contractor with Specialty Hoists for WTC Towers in New York

Industry Leader Beta Max delivers lifting solutions by providing the Leo Variable Frequency Drive Hoist to global Seattle based company, Benson LTD, for installation of glass and curtain wall panels on the World Trade Center Tower 4 and the Freedom Tower in New York. The hoists are currently installing glass panels on The WTC Tower 4 and will soon be used to install glass panels on the last remaining floors of Tower 1.

Beta Max's specialty hoist, the Leo VFD Series, provides a smooth controlled acceleration and deceleration that is instrumental for precision placement of larger more delicate materials such as glass, unitized curtain wall, cladding, solar panels, marble, granite, large stones, architectural panels and exterior finish system (EFS). It has all the capabilities of the Standard Leo hoist but has a variable speed controller and two wireless handheld remotes. The Leo VFD hoist system enables you to have multiple rigging options that is less expensive than traditional methods and it's more productive by installing more panels in less time.

4 World Trade Center is a skyscraper under construction as part of the new World Trade Center in New York City at 150 Greenwich Street on the east side of Greenwich Street, across from the original location of the Twin Towers that were destroyed during the September 11, 2001 attacks.

1 World Trade Center is the main building of the new World Trade Center under construction in Lower Manhattan in New York City, USA. The tower is suppose to be 417 m to the roof of the building (about the same height as the former World Trade Center Twin Towers) and 541.3 m tall to the tip.

These New World Trade Center Towers in Lower Manhattan are currently having the glass panels installed with state of the art lifting equipment from national industry giant Beta Max Hoists. Please contact Ken Barrett at 321-956-9388 direct, 321-482-6612 cell or go to

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