Best New Product Award Winner

For more than two decades, the Design News Awards Program has recognized engineering innovation and creativity in product design.

This year, Aerotech is honored to accept a Design News Golden Mousetrap Award in the Motion Control and Automation category for the ANT130-XY, a dual-axis nanopositioner in our ANT-series line of nanoMotion Technology products.

The ANT130-XY crossed-roller-bearing, linear motor, dual-axis stage continues the evolution of the Aerotech nanoTechnology (ANT) series of stages. The ANT130-XY is a sleek, three-piece design that allows travel in two dimensions (X and Y) and provides an extremely low profile of only 85 mm with travel options including 60 x 60 mm, 110 x 110 mm, and 160 x 160 mm.

This unique drive and bearing combination, packaged in an extremely small-profile and footprint, offers tangible advantages in many applications such as high-precision positioning, disk-drive fabrication, fiber alignment, optical delay element actuation, sensor testing, and scanning processes that demand smooth and precise motion.
Aerotech's direct-drive technology has no hysteresis or backlash, enabling accurate and repeatable nanometer-scale motion in both the X and Y dimensions. Performance is unmatched with high resolution (1 nm), repeatability (50 nm), accuracy (250 nm), and in-position stability (3 nm).

The ANT130-XY can be combined with other Aerotech ANT series products (vertical lift stages, direct-drive rotaries, and goniometers) to create unique, high performance, multi-axis systems. You can browse the entire, ever-expanding line of nanoMotion Technology products on our website.

We are honored to accept the Design News Golden Mousetrap Award for the ANT130-XY. Aerotech is committed to continuously developing innovative solutions for the motion control industry. Please contact an Application Engineer today to discuss your application's motion control requirements.

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