Bending System handles high/low production runs.

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Usable for batch runs as small as 30 units, BendMaster handles components up to 88 lb. Product is controlled via single control system and is programmed using ToPs 600. Automation extension module can be used to program bending cell. Part geometries are defined once or can be taken over from ToPs programs. Bending process and part handling are generated automatically, and simulation allows complete process to be visualized.

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BendMaster for Press Brakes Produces Flexible and Automated Bending Operations

FARMINGTON, Conn., October 8, 2003 - At the FABTECH 2003 show, TRUMPF will introduce a new automated bending system, the TRUMPF BendMaster to the North American market. Flexibility and speed as well as precision, process reliability, easy setup, and safe and comfortable operation characterize the new press brake automation.

"Flexibility is critical to the job shop environment where press brakes are often found," says Jim Rogowski, automated systems project engineer. "And so flexibility was a key factor in the development of TRUMPF's automated bending system, the BendMaster."

The TRUMPF BendMaster is efficient in both high and low production runs. Short programming and setup times make it economical to use the BendMaster with batch runs as small as 30 units. It is as equally suited for heavy components of up to 88 pounds as with light and complex components. Known for its speed, the BendMaster can maintain its pace twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

A complete machine concept: the bending machine and the BendMaster are controlled by a single control system and are programmed together using ToPs 600. Adds Rogowski, "teach-programming bending robots is now a thing of the past."

In addition, ToPs 600 and automation extension module can be used to program the entire bending cell. Part geometries are defined once, or can be taken over from other ToPs programs. The bending process and part handling are generated automatically. "Best of all, programming takes place offline, while the bending cell continues production," says Rogowski. A simulation allows the complete process to be visualized.

"The BendMaster can match the quality of manual bending," stresses Rogowski. "Automated manufacturing and the ACB angular-position measuring system ensure high process reliability and repeating accuracy - the first part is as precisely processed as the last."

Unlike other automation options, the BendMaster was designed for short cycle times. The design enables high positioning speeds. A sheet sensor provides consistent and reliable detection of the sheet stack and ensures that the individual sheets are taken up in the correct position. Collision monitoring takes place automatically.

"As a result of the BendMaster's design, a centering station and time-consuming centering process are unnecessary," explains Rogowski. "In this way, automated manufacturing can achieve the same high quality results as manual bending."

The operating device is equipped with multiple circles of vacuum grippers and an integrated sensor system ensures process reliability. The standard grippers are contained in the control software's gripper library. Special grippers are easily imported into the library. The grippers are automatically positioned on the sheet, depending on the location of holes and recesses in the workpiece.

The bending cell may be operated manually at any time. The BendMaster's long front arm leaves the machine operator enough room in front of the machine. The flat design of the floor lane represents only a minimal collision contour. The 180-degree overhead loading makes it possible to work with pallets in a practical fashion while maintaining free access for the forklift. The floor lane can be extended, increasing the deposit area for finished parts and saving additional investment in conveyance systems.

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. Additional company information is available at:

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