Benchtop Resin Mixer eliminates cleanup requirements.

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Designed to gently mix resins and thick liquids without producing any air bubbles, RM-1000 grips up to 4.2 in. dia container (~1,000 ml) and rotates it while holding mixing paddle to create turbulence. Cup and paddle are disposable upon completion of mixing process, eliminating cleanup requirements. Features include adjustable chuck, variable speed knob (up to 65 rpm) for different viscosities, consistent mixing speed, and 12 Vac adapter.

Original Press Release:

Benchtop Resin Mixer


The mixer grips your container and rotates it while holding a mixing paddle to create turbulence, which mixes the resin gently for bubble free mixing. After mixing is done, just throw away the disposable cup and paddle, which means NO CLEANUP!

The mixing machine incorporates an adjustable chuck to quickly and easily clamp varying container sizes: simply rotate the top disc clockwise to tighten the grippers on your mixing container. It can accommodate any size mixing container up to 4.2 inches across the base.(approximately 1000ml)

After that, simply insert a disposable mixing paddle in the holder and turn on the motor to desired speed. The no-cleanup design is perfect for epoxy resins, polyester resins, paints, adhesives - any messy material More info and product video at:



Gizmo Engineering introduces our model RM-1000 mixing machine designed to mix messy resins with no bubbles and no

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