Benchtop Homogenizer features digital speed control.

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Available in 4 models ranging from ¾ to 1¾ hp, BT Series benchtop homogenizer can process sample volumes varying from 5 mL to 40 L at tip speeds up to 60 m/sec, depending on tooling selection. Featuring quick connect generator design and tight rotor-stator clearances, unit is offered with variety of sealed chamber assemblies to safely contain hazardous samples. Generator deflector head facilitates sample movement for large volume and high viscosity formulations.

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Quadro Offers New Line of Benchtop Lab Homogenizers

Quadro is proud to announce the BT Series, a new benchtop product line that expands our high shear mixing equipment offering into laboratory processing. To formulators and lab scale product development, Quadro BT is the brand of benchtop homogenizer that offers more user-friendly performance due to its quick connect generator design and tighter rotor-stator clearances. Quick connect generators save time on setup and cleaning with easy quarter-turn installation, while close-fitting clearances produce higher shear rates and improved particle size reduction.

The BT Series also features fine adjustment digital speed control with a separate control box for handheld models, along with an exclusive motorized benchtop stand for smooth, effortless and accurate homogenizer positioning. Various options are available including a wide variety of sealed chamber assemblies to safely contain hazardous samples, and a unique generator deflector head to enhance sample movement for larger volume and higher viscosity formulations.

Quadro BT Homogenizers are available in four different models ranging from ¾ to 1-¾hp, with the capability to process sample volumes ranging from 5mL to 40L at tip speeds up to 60m/s depending on tooling selection.

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