Bench-Top Alloy Analyzer handles mapping applications.

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MIDEX M analyzer performs XRF analytical measurement tasks ranging from small samples to line-scans and mapping of sample surfaces. Product utilizes collimated sample excitation system and FP+ technology. Fundamental Parameter software enables conversion of measurement intensity directly into concentration on basis of laws of quantum physics. All 80 elements from Na to U can be detected, and materials of unknown chemical composition can be analyzed.

Original Press Release:

SPECTRO Bench-Top Analyzer is Significantly Enhanced

Versatile instrument can handle mapping applications, small samples, forensics, and more

Fitchburg, MA - Dec 12, 2003 - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc., a leading global supplier of analytical instrument and systems, has released the latest version of its MIDEX alloy analyzer. Designated MIDEX "M" (for Mapping), the bench-top instrument can perform virtually any XRF analytical measurement task ranging from very small samples to line-scans and mapping of sample surfaces that may be larger than a typical magazine page.

One of the instrument's most significant technological breakthroughs is use of FP+ technology. The innovative Fundamental Parameter software enables conversion of the measurement intensity directly into a concentration on the basis of the laws of quantum physics, without calibration being necessary. Thus all 80 elements from Na to U can be precisely detected. According to Dr. Joachim Heckel, Director of Research and Development at SPECTRO, "The biggest advantage of this technology is that even materials of unknown chemical composition can be analyzed, and re-calibration is not necessary." SPECTRO also solved the problem of deterioration in the precision of analyses using the Fundamental Parameter method when the samples are not on plane. "The collimated sample excitation system in the MIDEX M allows us to achieve very small measuring locations," explain Dr. Heckel. "The smaller the measuring location, the closer the surface geometry approximates to being plane. In many cases it is therefore not necessary to polish the surface of the sample."

Additional application capabilities of the MIDEX M include forensic analysis such as gunpowder traces on criminological samples, plus mapping of large heterogeneous surfaces such as electronic components, ceramic coatings, and filter fabrics.

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc. is recognized worldwide as a technological leader in Arc Spark Glow Discharge, X-ray fluorescence, and Inductively Coupled Plasma spectrometry. For a copy, of the application report or for more information on SPECTRO products, write to SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc., 160 Authority Drive, Fitchburg, MA 01420; call (798) 342-3400 or 800-548-5809; or visit the company's web site

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