Belt Slitter cuts light to heavy grade belting.

Press Release Summary:

Next Generation(R) Power Belt Slitter is free standing, hydraulically operated, and self-contained. Rewind assemblies at in-feed and out-feed can be engaged or disengaged to facilitate winding, loading, and unloading. ACME screw-scissor lift system lifts rolls up to 50,000 lbs. Knife holders allow use of 5/8 and 3/4 in. Hyde-type blades or Stanley exacto razor blades. High-speed capability of 250 fpm is available.

Original Press Release:

Charger 'Next Generation®' Power Belt Slitter

Charger Engineering Ltd. is proud to announce two important events for our growing company!

1. Our Charger 'Next Generation®' Power Belt Slitter has finished its field-testing, and is now ready for market production.

Our 1st generation Charger Slitter was well liked by our customers for its accuracy and low-maintenance design. Now the hydraulic system has been completely re-designed using Gresen & Hawe components, giving the Next Generation Slitter an advanced capability in control of machine. This upgrade also allows us to offer an optional high-speed (250 ft per min.) slitter, while still maintaining the high level of accuracy we have become known for.

The Next Generation will cut light to heavy grade belting. Common-sense features such as our innovative knife holders allow for use of 5/8 & 3/4 Hyde-type blades, or inexpensive Stanley 'exacto' razor blades, making it easier to set up cutting of a wide range of materials.

Our Slitter is freestanding, hydraulically operated and self-contained. No overhead equipment for loading or unloading belting inventory is required. Rewind assemblies at in-feed and out-feed ends can easily be engaged or disengaged to facilitate winding, loading and unloading. The new ACME screw scissor lift system is capable of lifting rolls up to 50,000 lbs., and reduces the maintenance issues associated with other Slitters.

Options include: Side Shifts (single or dual), Power Cross-Cut, Power Pinch Rolls, Linear Counter, Secondary Take-Up, High Speed Operation and Aeration Table (for sticky products).

Bottom line: We have listened to what our customers want. We believe that the Charger Next Generation Power Slitter is one of the best machines on the market. We know you will like the capabilities, and your Accountant will like the price!

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