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Bellows Coupling Replaces Gearbox in Cryogenic Application

Bellows Coupling Replaces Gearbox in Cryogenic Application

Cedar Grove, NJ — Gearboxes used in rotary drive systems operating near absolute zero temperatures, are often adversely affected by the extreme temperatures of a cryogenic environment. The most common failures are the result of differential thermal expansion which can cause the gears to uncouple. A Physics Research and Development Laboratory in Toronto, Canada, uses nickel bellows manufactured by Servometer® to replace the angled gearbox in their RDS cryogenic project. They have found that Servometer nickel bellows generate less heat in their application than gears do and shrink less than gears at millikelvin temperatures, resulting in longer and more reliable operation. Servometer uses a unique electroforming process to manufacture its parts which involve building thin metal layers onto precision machined mandrels. The bellows specified for this particular application have a 0.25" outside diameter or OD, a 0.15" inside diameter or ID and are 1 inch in length. To learn more about electroforming technology download the white paper at:

About Servometer

Servometer, the pioneer of electrodeposited miniature metal bellows, bellows assemblies, contact springs, flexible shaft couplings and rigid electroforms offers over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience servicing the aerospace, defense, medical, test, semiconductor, UHV, solar and oil and gas industries. In 2007 Servometer acquired BellowsTech of Ormond Beach, Florida, a premiere manufacturer of edge welded bellows and bellows assemblies.


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