Belden Military Standard Universal Joint Achieves Department of Defense Qualified Parts Listing

Broadview (Chicago), Illinois, September 2007. Belden Inc.'s extensive line of universal joints and drive shaft assemblies includes a full range of Qualified Parts Listing (QPL) universal joints for government procurement and use in military personnel carriers, multi-role vehicles and aerospace applications. The QPL universal joints are designed and manufactured for a variety of applications including high lift actuation and control mechanisms for aircraft where low deflection rates, high strength to weight ratios and long service life are essential.

The "approved brands list" or "Qualified Parts List" is a list of products that have successfully completed the formal qualification process that examines, tests and verifies that the product meets all the applicable requirements. The QPL provides buyers a source of suppliers that can comply with the specified requirements.

The heavy-duty MS 271 Series Military Standard universal joints have successfully undergone the Qualification and Acceptance Testing. Stork-Herron Testing Labs performed incoming examination of MS Series joints supplied by Belden. The examination included verification of materials, construction, dimensions and identification of products. The joints were certified to the requirements outlined in Military Specification MIL-DTL-6193D and accepted by the U.S. Department of Defense.

To qualify the universal joints, a variety of extensive and rigorous testing was completed to assess the mechanical performance of the joints. Reaction frames were designed and fabricated to perform torsional play, tightness, static torque, endurance and lubrication retention testing. The universal joints were also tested and certified for design and construction, which includes dimensions, assembly, hardness, finish and lubrication retaining covers.

The Belden Military Standard universal joint is manufactured to withstand the most demanding operating conditions and harsh working environments, and requires little maintenance in the field. The MS design that is mandated for all government/military and aerospace applications is also widely utilized in Formula One and NASCAR racing.

About Belden:
Belden Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality, precision universal joints and power transmission assemblies. Going back to 1939, when three brothers opened a precision machine shop, the company rapidly expanded through the development of an extensive product line. Belden provides high-performance solutions to a vast number of industries with a focus on custom universal joints and drive shaft assemblies, made exclusively to customers' exact specifications. The company's specialty lies in these custom assemblies, and unique manufacturing processes give Belden the flexibility to produce small batches just as cost-effectively as high volume standard universal joints. Belden supplies an extensive line of high-quality precision universal joints with complete shaft assemblies as well as couplings for a wide range of customers with unique applications. These applications include steering and shift linkage assemblies for specialty vehicles as well as industrial and off-road vehicles, aerospace, packaging/converting and conveying equipment, food processing equipment, steel roll forming and leveling equipment, machine tools and woodworking equipment for the furniture industry, and OEM machine tools. Materials include high grade alloy, all grades of stainless steel, naval brass and aluminum.

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