Belden® Expands Its Fiberexpress® Secure/Keyed LC System to Include LC Duplex Keystone Modules and Six Additional Keying Colors

RICHMOND, IN - Belden, a world leader in the development of signal transmission solutions for wired and wireless enterprise networks, as well as the broadcast/entertainment, industrial, building management and residential markets, expands its patented FiberExpress Secure/Keyed LC multimode product line to include six additional color-code options as well as higher density fiber modules, pre-terminated MPO-keyed LC fiber modules and keystone modules.

The Secure/Keyed LC System is a family of specially-keyed and color-coded optical fiber connectivity components that have been designed to meet today's stringent network security requirements. The use of these products has been propelled by Homeland Security concerns, as well as such business-related regulations as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA in data center applications.

The FiberExpress Secure/Keyed LC System is based on the LC technology Small Form Factor (SFF) format to ensure high performance and reliability for networking equipment running applications at 1 Gb/s and over. The Secure/Keyed LC System allows for the physical segregation of network segments in a high-performance optical fiber infrastructure -- meaning that different divisions/groups within a company or different tenants can be physically segregated within the infrastructure - or that different levels of security can be designed into the system for individual users.
The line includes FiberExpress LC Duplex Adapter Modules in MDVO and Keystone styles, LC Patch Cords and Pigtails, LC Adapter Strips, LC FiberExpress Manager Modules and LC Optimax® Connectors. These products are now available with twelve different color-coded keying options. The keying detail inside the components is tamper-resistant and the keying detail cannot be reproduced inside a standard LC adapter. All modules used in this product line are keyed both on the front and on the back to prevent installation errors and security breaches. And all components exceed the industry standards for SFF connectors plus they comply with the FOCIS 10 standard.

Available configurations are KEYx-KEYx as well as KEYx-LC Duplex and KEYx-SC Duplex. New product configurations with current color-code options are available now (red, green, yellow, black, orange, blue); new color code options (violet, rose, aqua, brown, slate, white) will be available in December. Lead times may apply on some color options.

For more information about Belden's FiberExpress Secure/Keyed LC System, please call 1.800.BELDEN.1 to request NPB #275. Or visit the Web site at

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Belden is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of signal transmission solutions for data networking and a wide range of specialty electronics markets including entertainment, industrial, building management and aerospace applications. Belden has manufacturing facilities in North America, Asia and Europe as well as distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia and The Netherlands. A majority of Belden's manufacturing, engineering and support functions are registered to the International Organization for Standardization.

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