BEING Instruments has Introduced CO2 Incubators with IR CO2 Sensor Air Jacked Chamber

Press Release Summary:

  • Available in 80, 155, 190 and 233 L with 6-sided heating for temperature uniformity
  • Features alarm systems that offer protection levels for power, temperature, CO₂ concentration, humidity level and faulty door closing
  • Offers with easy to read color display with touch screen control displays real time information on temperature, CO₂ concentration, and humidity

Original Press Release:

New CO₂ Incubators

BEING Instruments has introduced their NEW BIO Series of CO₂ Incubators that help guaranty that your precious cells are in an environment maximally suited to optimize their growth potential.

Sizes available are: 80, 155, 190 and 233 Liters.

Features Include:

  • Air Jacked chamber with IR CO₂ sensor
  • 6-sided heating helps provide excellent temperature uniformity
  • PID Controller with large easy to read color display with touch screen control displays vital setting and real time information on temperature, CO₂ concentration, and humidity
  • Easy-to-install and dismantle shelf system that also prevents slippage.
  • Anti-skid design of the shelf ensures safety of the samples.
  • Test hole provides access for convenient measurement and calibration of gas concentration and temperature.
  • HEPA filtration along with 90°C moist heat disinfection system helps guaranty a contamination free growing environment.
  • Extremely fast recovery times for both temperature and CO₂ upon door opening and closing.
  • Alarm systems both audible and visual communicate protection levels for power, temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity level, faulty door closing, and other malfunction information.
  • Stackable units without the need to buy a stacking kit
  • "Communication Port" allows for internal usage of powered shakers and other equipment
  • 3-year parts and labor warranty. 

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