BEI Kimco Solves Challenging Application Requirements for Robust, High Temperature Motor with Performance Capabilities up to 220ºC

VISTA, California, −January 29, 2010 - BEI Kimco Magnetics, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., recently met the challenging high-performance motor requirements for a Down Hole Measurement While Drilling (MWD) application. With oil companies drilling deeper than ever before to obtain increasingly valuable deposits, components within the drill tool must deliver reliable operation at the most extreme ambient temperatures.

Key to the down hole tool string design was a motor capable of extended operation at elevated winding temperatures of up to 220°C and pressures approaching 30,000 PSI. The motor would be used to position a sensor that would take measurements of the materials encountered during the oil exploration operations.

To meet the manufacturer's requirements, BEI Kimco developed a High Performance Motor measuring 3.0" in diameter x 8.5" in length with a custom housing and dual shafts for gearbox and resolver mounting. High energy samarium-cobalt magnets were utilized to provide high operating efficiencies and superior corrosion resistance. The motor was also designed for operation while filled with oil to compensate for the high pressures. These tailor-made features combined to provide a highly robust solution.

"Performing drilling and logging operations at ever increasing depths is extremely expensive and our customers cannot tolerate failure of any of the components within the tool string," says Walter Smith, BEI Kimco's Senior Applications Engineer/Project Manager for Motors. "If the motor failed to position the sensor properly, the accuracy of the measurement would be compromised and the tool would have to be pulled up. Time is money, so reliability at these severe temperatures was paramount to the motor's design."

BEI Kimco's motors and actuators with extended temperature operation range capabilities have been used successfully in countless mission-critical applications for many high-end industrial and military applications. The ability to provide high-performance solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer has allowed Kimco to consistently fulfill unique and challenging OEM requirements.

About BEI Kimco Magnetics

BEI Kimco Magnetics is an operation of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST). BEI Kimco Magnetics was founded in 1974 and specializes in rotary and linear motion control products. The company's precision motion control products include high-speed performance Brushless DC motors, Cylindrical and Flat Voice Coil Actuators, and Linear Motors. These products are used across a wide range of applications including medical and scientific, factory and office automation, optics, semiconductor/electronics, military, aviation, space systems, and security. Kimco merges leading-edge capabilities and cost-effective manufacturing know-how with highly customized applications expertise.

About Custom Sensors & Technologies

Headquartered in Moorpark, CA - Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) is comprised of industry-leading brands including Crouzet, Kavlico, Crydom, and former divisions of BEI Technologies - Newall and Systron Donner. CST provides sensors, controls, and actuation products for the Transportation, Industrial and Aerospace & Defense markets.

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