Behlman Electronics Announces Its Increased Contribution to the Safety of High-speed Railroad Traffic.

Behlman Frequency Converters enable railroad signal systems to provide automatic "cab signaling" that directs the train engineer to adjust speed; opens and closes signal light circuits and activates crossing gates.

Hauppauge, New York – Behlman Electronics, Inc., known for its leadership in providing power products for commercial, industrial, and military applications, has received a follow-on order for its Model RR1200 Frequency Converters from a major National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

Behlman's Model RR1200 is a Railroad Signal Power Source that has been supporting train operations for more than fifteen years, during which it has proven to be exceptionally reliable and able to withstand the rigors of remote, sometimes isolated, installation along rail routes that crisscross the USA.

The RR1200 Railroad Signal Source delivers 1200 VA of clean, regulated AC power in a compact, 3.5" high, bench top unit that easily converts to rack mount. It supplies a clean, low-distortion, 120 VAC sine wave at any fixed frequency from 50 Hz to 250 Hz, with excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency, and low harmonic distortion. In addition, the Behlman RR1200 has a unique overload protection system that folds back voltage to maintain rated output current without waveform distortion. In the event of a short circuit, the unit will automatically reset upon overload removal. It also has a mechanical guard for the On/Off circuit breaker, plus AAR terminals on the rear for input and output connections.

According to Behlman president, Ron Storm, "We are very proud that the Behlman RR1200 Frequency Converter has withstood the test of time and continues to be an important factor in safe railroad operation. Because of its extremely high reliability, versatility, and compact size, it is ideally suited for use in remote railroad bungalows and relay shops."

Information about Behlman¡¦s extensive line of Railroad Frequency Converters - from 1200 VA to 120,000 VA - can be seen at

Behlman Electronics Inc., (, a subsidiary of Orbit International Corp., manufactures and sells high quality standard, modified standard, custom and COTS power solutions, including AC power supplies, frequency converters, inverters, DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC, and uninterruptible power supplies. Behlman also offers its line of 700-, 1000-, and 1500-watt VPXtra™ VITA-compliant power supplies, which have raised the power ceiling for VPX system designers worldwide.

Orbit International Corp., (, based in Hauppauge, New York, is involved in the manufacture of customized electronic components and subsystems for military and nonmilitary government applications. Other subsidiaries include Orbit Instrument, Tulip Development Laboratory and Integrated Combat Systems.

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