Beckwood Press Company Designs Innovative New Automated Assembly System

ST. LOUIS, MO - Beckwood Press Company has recently designed an innovative new automated assembly system for a leading heavy machinery manufacturer. The system, which has been integrated with multiple robots for loading and unloading of part components, assembles and tests bushings to be used in tracked vehicles. Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders harmonize to achieve a high level of efficiency. The 42 ton capacity machine features a programmable Allen Bradley touch screen operator interface for job storage and recipe handling.

The automation process begins after an independent robot has placed the bushing components onto the automated machine. The compacting cylinders then extend to assemble the bushing. A chain driven rotator is actuated to test the part's quality by spinning the bushing at 100 revolutions per minute for 20 seconds. When part quality verification is complete a pneumatic cylinder extends and discharges the assembled bushing where a second independent robotic component removes the finished bushing from the machine.

The Beckwood Press Company utilizes proven and standard designs that are tailored to their customers' specific applications. They offer a variety of low cost, high-quality hydraulic, hydro-pneumatic, and booster presses from 2-2000+ tons. These presses can be made for virtually any industry, with an unlimited amount of capabilities and options. The company recently celebrated their 31st year in business in 2007 and is located on the web at

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