Beckwood and Triform to Offer Complimentary PressLink Remote Connectivity

St. Louis, MO – To further enhance Beckwood's industry leading service and to support the end goal of eliminating unplanned downtime for Beckwood machine owners, Beckwood Press Company has announced the inclusion of a remote connectivity system designed to offer complimentary off-site, factory provided diagnostics and troubleshooting, on all Beckwood and Triform Presses.

The remote connectivity system, called TechConnect, allows Beckwood engineers to interact with presses in the field. The module facilitates remote troubleshooting, maintenance, and more; saving everyone involved time and money. TechConnect also allows for the remote uploading of PLC HMI program updates and expedites offsite operator training without the expense and time associated with on-site travel.

Beckwood machines are often critical path pieces of equipment, so every minute the machine is not performing optimally can be a direct hit to the operations and profits of Beckwood clients. Remote access minimizes this risk. TechConnect is integrated into the press control system and connects to the customer's standard internet network which allows Beckwood service technicians to access the press system remotely in real time from any location. The module includes stringent internal network security and can be accessed 'on request' or 'always on' per the customer's specification.

If a machine stops operating at the ideal level, a Beckwood engineer can be notified and begin troubleshooting the issue within minutes. Fast service. Fast repairs. Should a client determine they need to add a non-standard button to the machine's HMI display to improve efficiencies, Beckwood engineers can do this through TechConnect saving the time and expense of costly travel while improving the client's overall productivity. Should a client hire new employees to operate the machine, who may require training, certified Beckwood technicians can perform this training remotely, getting those employees up to speed faster with less associated expense.

"At Beckwood, we understand the crucial role our machines play within our clients' operations," said Jeffrey Debus, Beckwood's President. "Consequently, we are continually striving to help eliminate unplanned downtime and facilitate faster, easier maintenance for our machines," he continued. "With the inclusion of our TechConnect communications module on a client's machine, everyone from the machine operator to the head of the operations team can reap the benefits of less disruption to critical operations and the fastest factory service available today. When used in tandem with other advanced technology from Beckwood, like our PPM system, which uses integrated machine intelligence to monitor performance, Beckwood machines provide a distinct competitive advantage to any operation that employs them," concluded Debus.

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