Bearing Greases meet variety of lubrication needs.

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Molykote G-0100 mineral-based grease offers corrosion- and oxidation-prevention for motor bearings. Mineral oil-based Molykote G-0101 is suited for high-speed applications. Mineral oil-based Molykote G-0102 resists water washout. Multipurpose Molykote G-1001 suits most roller bearing applications. Synthetic oil-based Molykote G-2001 provides protection against wear and corrosion. Molykote G-6000 phenylether synthetic oil-based grease provides stability in high mechanical stress environments.

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Molykote® Adds Six Bearing Greases to Lubrication Lineup

MIDLAND, Mich. - August 15, 2003 - Molykote® has announced that it has added six high performance bearing greases to its lineup, giving it one of the most complete ranges of lubrication products in the industry.

"Customers who only thought of Molykote for pastes and anti-friction coatings will now be able to meet all of their lubrication needs with one trusted source," said Manfred Wehner, director of Molykote Solutions.

The Molykote bearing greases are high-performance products suitable for many different applications such as electrical motors, fan bearings, rail cars, elevators, construction machines, hot rolling mills, central locking systems, window lifters and many more.

Molykote G-0100 Multipurpose Motor Bearing Grease is a mineral oil-based grease thickened by a urea system. It offers a wide temperature range, low noise performance and excellent corrosion- and oxidation-preventative properties in applications such as electrical motors, fan bearings, water pump bearings and dryers in chemical and paper industries.

Molykote G-0101 Long Life Bearing Grease is a mineral oil-based grease thickened by a lithium system. It offers a wide temperature range and can be used for high-speed applications such as rails, elevator bearings, and electrical motor bearings.

Molykote G-0102 High Load Bearing Grease is a mineral oil-based grease thickened by a calcium-complex system. It can be used in a wide range of temperatures and offers excellent resistance against water washout, corrosion and wear.

Molykote G-1001 High Performance Bearing Grease high-performance, low-cost multipurpose grease combines the high temperature properties of its lithium-complex thickener
with the low temperature properties of its combination of highly refined mineral oil and synthetic oil, making it ideal for most roller bearing applications.

Molykote G-2001 High Speed Bearing Grease is a synthetic oil-based grease thickened by a lithium system. It offers excellent low temperature performance and provides premium protection against wear and corrosion in application such as spindles, fast moving positioners, molding cutters, and in chemical industry and paper processing. The absence of solid lubricants makes Molykote G-2001 well suited for small to medium sized rolling element bearings at high speeds.

Molykote G-6000 High Temperature Bearing Grease is a phenylether synthetic oil-based grease thickened by polyurea, which gives it excellent stability in high mechanical stress environments. It can be used at extreme high temperatures, has excellent low temperature behavior and is suitable for equipment exposed to radiation.

The bearing greases are available in 400g cartridges for the U.S. and Europe, 16kg pail for the U.S., 25kg pail for Europe and 180kg drum for the U.S. and for Europe.

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