Beamforming Development System targets ultrasound applications.

Press Release Summary:

As complete 64-channel transmit/receive beamforming front-end using AutoFocus(TM) technology and analog-front-end modules, SMK9130-A2 has multiplexed probe interface on one end and USB 2.0/x4 PCIe1.1 interface to back-end CPU on other. SUAPI 2.0 ultrasound API, included, abstracts underlying hardware in system. C++ middleware software layer provides UI for configuration and setup for ultrasound scan types and arbitrary probe definitions. Users can control all hardware parameters/functions.

Original Press Release:

Samplify Systems Releases Second Generation Ultrasound Beamforming Development System

Based on Company's Innovative Autofocus(TM) Beamforming Technology, Development System Speeds Ultrasound Equipment Design By Up to 12 Months

FUZHOU, China -- ChinaInternational Medical Equipment Fair, (CMEF) - Samplify Systems, Inc., a technology company focused on delivering innovative semiconductors, modules, and subsystem solutions to the ultrasound industry, has released its second generation beamforming development system-the SMK9130-A2. Along with new higher performance hardware, the SMK9130-A2 includes the newest version of Samplify's Ultrasound Application Programming Interface - SUAPI 2.0. This API abstracts the underlying hardware in the system allowing OEMs to develop software quickly and "future-proof" their imaging software to next generation hardware components, thus preserving their development investment. Samplify will demonstrate its SMK9130-A2 system in booth H4-F45 at the CMEF from October 31 to November 2, 2011.

The API is a C++ middleware software layer that provides an easy-to use interface for the configuration and setup for various ultrasound scan types and for arbitrary probe definitions. Users can control all the parameters and functions of the hardware including the transmit beamformer, receive beamformer, power supplies, and various optional mid-processor functions, via high-level classes of scans, frames, sub-frames, and beams. The API is processor and operating system independent, running on ARM or x86 with Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

According to Danny Kreindler, director of ultrasound for Samplify Systems, "Samplify's SMK9130 development system has proven itself as a highly configurable beamforming platform enabling OEMs to differentiate their offerings through software." Kreindler adds, "The known-good hardware, along with the Samplify ultrasound API components of the SMK9130 system, is being used by our customers as a software development platform. Additionally, OEMs can use the hardware as a complete sub-system in their production or develop in parallel their own production hardware to meet their specific requirements such as channel configuration, form factor, or gross margins. This can be done concurrently since the same beamformers, and analog-front-ends (AFEs) are used in the OEM's hardware design along with the same API. Thus, we are providing customers with a fast time to market, low cost, and low R&D solution."

System Configuration

The new SMK9130-A2 system is a complete 64-channel transmit/receive beamforming front-end using the company's award winning AutoFocus(TM) technology and analog-front-end modules. The system, including all front-end electronics and high-voltage power supplies is enclosed in a single small chassis with a multiplexed probe interface on one end, and a USB2.0/x4 PCIe1.1 interface to a back-end CPU on the other.

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Pricing and Availability:

The SMK9130-A2 system is currently available from Samplify Systems and its worldwide sales partners. Pricing is $60,000 (US), with additional pricing options to support volumes for clinical trials and production. With the purchase of the development kit, customers receive the hardware unit, software API, design files for hardware reference design, manufacturing license, and 3 months support. Discounted pricing is available for academic research institutions that do not require system design files or a manufacturing license.

About Samplify Systems:

Samplify is a solution provider of technology, semiconductor, and system products for the medical imaging, wireless infrastructure, and industrial markets. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Samplify's technology and semiconductor products, including its AutoFocus(TM) beamforming technology and its SAM1600 family of ADCs, have won multiple industry awards for innovation. Additional information about Samplify ultrasound products can be found at

AutoFocus is a trademark of Samplify Systems. All other names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their owners.

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