BE Equipment's Baler helps Lycoming County Resource Management

BE Equipment's Baler helps Lycoming County Resource Management ship out neat, stackable trailer loads to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Lycoming County Resource Management Services, in central Pennsylvania, runs a 60,000-square-foot source-separated MRF that takes in a steady stream of recyclable containers, including aluminum used beverage containers (UBCs). For Wayne Benson, resource recovery assistant manager, and other employees of the agency, a can densifier has historically been the right-sized and affordable option to handle Lycoming County's UBC stream. The winning bid for the county's 2009 request for a new densifier was turned in by BE Equipment, Quakertown, Pa., supplying a BSQ-15002 Densifier manufactured by International Baler, Jacksonville, Fla. "The installation was done in just a few hours," he notes. "We have a staff electrician and he worked with BE and IB and we had things piped in to be almost where they needed to be to connect with the panel. They unloaded it off the truck, anchored it, and we were off and running in a couple of hours."

Lycoming County ordered a custom Densifier that allows the user to adjust the size of the cubes being made. "We wanted to vary the size of the cube to get the weight we wanted and so we could stack them how we wanted to fill up a pallet. We band our cubes together to make a pallet-sized block of around 2,000 pounds." The agency can then load the pallets onto a trailer as if they were loading bales, allowing them to achieve the 42,000-pound weight they seek on trailer loads. After more than two months running the International Baler Densifier, Benson says he has been pleased with the machine and with the people at International Baler and BE Equipment. "We've been impressed with the way machine runs-it does exactly what we need from it," says Benson. "Both International Baler and BE Equipment have been very good about any questions we've had; that goes a long way around here. We would definitely buy another one when the time comes"

About International Baler:

International Baler Corporation's offices and manufacturing shops are located on our multi-acre facility in Jacksonville, Florida. We do all of our construction and fabrication in-house, so we can assure quality craftsmanship.

Since 1945 International Baler Corporation has been a leader in design and manufacture of commercial and industrial recycling equipment with over 20,000 units shipped worldwide. IBC is internationally recognized for quality, reliability, durability and the strength of its equipment. This has been accomplished by having over 150 years of combined engineering and manufacturing experience in this industry.

International Baler Corporation has the largest and most diversified product line in the baler industry, with over 200 configurations to select from. We take a great deal of pride in assisting our customers and dealers in selecting the right model equipment for their specific application. Call at 1-800-231-9286 or visit our website

About BE Equipment:

BE Equipment, located in Quakertown Pa, has recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. We sell and service recycling equipment, waste reduction equipment, and solid waste handling equipment. We offer a wide variety of new, reconditioned and used recycling equipment including but not limited to: balers, conveyors, sorting systems, shredders, commercial/industrial compactors, MRF systems, core strippers, and briquetters. We can assist you with all of your recycling and waste handling needs.

Our Sales team has seen many different applications in recycling, manufacturing, municipalities, paper producers and more. We can evaluate your needs and recommend equipment that is best suited to your waste stream and/or operating process. After the sale, we stay with you until the equipment is in place, working correctly. Our installers know the equipment, what to anticipate, and the parts, tools and supplies to have on hand to expedite your installation. Our warehouse is stacked floor to ceiling with new and used equipment including Balers, Shredders, Compactors and more.
Our extensive inventory of parts allows us to accomplish most of your maintenance and repair jobs quickly and efficiently. BE's fleet of fully-equipped vehicles gets our technicians to your site, ready with the tools and parts you need. Keep your repairs to a minimum - arrange a BE Planned Maintenance Program today.

We can relocate or remove equipment. Our experienced recycling equipment service department primarily concentrates on our core areas surrounding Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, District of Columbia and Virginia. However, our extensive network of service sub-contractors further enhances our ability to service our customers' needs nationwide.

Call BE Equipment, Inc. for all of your new and used recycling and waste handling needs. Contact Dan Odenwelder, or by phone PA: 215-536-0700, MD: 410-661-1333, NJ: 732-846-9920. Visit our website for more information or to see our extensive inventory.

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