Battery Powered Hot Iron suits hot melt applications in field.

Press Release Summary:

Running on 48 Vdc, 180 W Model MCH-100-HM can reach temperatures up to 900°F. Portable tool features internal thermocouple that protrudes into brass tip which feeds back to Watlow temperature controller. Programmable controller allows operator to set upper and lower temperatures, adjust temperatures as needed, and set alarms. Designed to military standards, tool is suited for soldering, shrinking, curing, smoothing, hot-melt, bonding, and pre-heating.

Original Press Release:

Battery Powered Hot Iron, MCH-100-HM, is introduced by Malcom Technologies

Malcom Technologies of Portsmouth, RI introduces the MCH-100-HM Portable Heavy Duty Battery Powered Hot Iron for Hot Melt applications in the field.  The MCH-100-HM tool was originally developed for smoothing proprietary hot melt plugs into composite air plane wing and fuselage components.  This portable tool can also be used for many other applications including soldering, curing, shrinking, bonding and pre-heating.

The MCH-100-HM runs on 48V DC 180 watts and can reach temperatures up to 900 degrees F.  The tool features an internal thermocouple that protrudes into the brass tip that feeds back to a Watlow programmable temperature controller able to control temperatures precisely.

The temperature controller is programmable allowing the operator to set upper and lower temperatures, set alarms and adjust the temperatures as needed. The set and actual temperatures and be read through a EMI shielded  window. The internal closed loop temperature control system is able to hold temperatures to within a few degrees of the set point.

The MCH-100-HM is designed and tested to military standards including EMI 461, Water Intrusion, Drop Test, Salt Fog, Explosive Atmosphere and is CE tested and marked.  The control system is housed in a sealed heavy duty aluminum case for rugged field use.

The MCH-100-HM can be configured for various process heating applications by means of various brass tips that can be machined to the customers specifications.  The MCH-100-HM tool can be used for a verity of applications including soldering, shrinking, curing, smoothing, hot-melt, bonding and pre-heating.

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