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Battery Element Insulation Tester improves product quality.

Press Release Summary:

Apr 21, 2014 - Using high-voltage AC pulse test stimulus signal and sensitive EMF feedback voltage measurement circuit, model 1652 detects potential isolator problems between positive and negative plates in lead acid battery cell to screen out defects during production. Duration of pulsed waveform eliminates risk of heating of element under test, allowing detection of possible defects without damaging unit under test. Audible signal alerts operator to defective element.

Original Press Release

STS Instruments MODEL 1652 Improves Product Quality

Press release date: Nov 12, 2013

Tester screens out defective insulators in lead acid batteries during production.

Irvine, CA – STS Instruments provides a cost effective battery element insulation testers that can be used effective to screen lead-acid batteries for potential defects that can result in battery failures. The model 1652 uses a unique high voltage AC pulse test stimulus signal combined with a sensitive EMF feedback voltage measurement circuit to detect potential isolator problems between positive and negative plates in a battery cell.

The use of a short duration, high voltage but low energy pulsed waveform eliminates the risk of heating of the element under test that is normally associated with conventional hi-pot testing.  This allows for detection of insulator holes, tears, missing separators and other possible defects, all without damaging the unit under test.

Although great strides have been made in recent years to improve manufacturing yield and productivity of Lead Acid batteries production lines, the need to improve product quality continuous as big and small battery manufacturers alike need to deliver the highest possible quality product to their customers.  The STS Instruments Model 1652 Battery Element Tester is one of the most proven methods for detecting latent insulator defects that can lead to battery failures once they are deployed. The 1652 uses a pulsed high voltage AC voltage signal applied to each battery element.

Battery elements may be tested in formed or unformed conditions. An audible fail signal alerts the operator to a defective element allowing the product to be tagged for rework. If you are interesting in enhancing your product test capabilities, contact STS Instruments ( or call 1-580-223-4773 (US) or +86-21-6763-922 (China) for more information. Product details are available at .

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