Battery Chargers suit material handling applications.

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Equipped with micro-controller, interactive ULTRA Industrial Battery Chargers are designed around silicon-controlled rectifier power supply. With start rate of 16.3 A/100 AH, ULTRA CHARGER charges discharged batteries in 8 hr or less, while ULTRA MAXX Opportunity Charger has start rate of 25 A/100 AH and charges 20% charged batteries to 80% in 3 hr or less. ULTRA EXTREME features start rate of 40 A/100 AH and charges 20% charged batteries to 80% in 2 hr or less.

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Ultra Battery Chargers from Prestolite Power Ideal Solution for Wide Range of Material Handling Needs

Interactive SCR Industrial Battery Chargers Offer Customized Solutions

TROY, OH, -- ULTRA Industrial Battery Chargers from AMETEK Prestolite Power and Switch are ideal for a wide variety of material handling environments. ULTRA chargers are designed around a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) power supply and feature state-of-the-art micro-controller.

These interactive SCR industrial battery chargers adjust their output characteristics within the limits of their power circuit to inputs such as battery temperature and voltage to provide optimum charging. ULTRA battery chargers also are the only SCR interactive chargers available in high, mid-range and standard power levels. ULTRA CHARGE traditional charger is compatible with single and multi-shift applications with or without battery change out equipment. With a start rate of 16.3A/100AH, the ULTRA CHARGER charges discharged batteries in eight hours or less. It adapts to all battery types with five user-selectable charge curve options. A timer start mode allows users to choose the time and rate of charge. The ULTRA MAXX Opportunity Charger bridges the performance gap between traditional and fast chargers. It has a start rate up to 25A/100AH and charges 20% charged batteries to 80% in three hours or less. It uses existing standard batteries. ULTRA EXTREME Fast Charger has a start rate of 40A/100AH and charges 20% charged batteries to 80% in two hours or less. It rejects non-fast charge battery types to prevent high-current charging on standard batteries. A soft start mode determines the charging rate as the cycle is initiated.

Both the ULTRA EXTREME and MAXX charge batteries right in the truck during break and shift changes, allowing batteries to maintain a consistent state of charge without changing batteries or requiring unproductive trips to the battery room. Both require a Prestolite BID module to automatically monitor battery temperature from 32o to 158o during charge to maximize battery life. All ULTRA Industrial Battery Chargers are Data Mate and CDAC compatible and have multi-cell/ multi-ampere capabilities. The ULTRA EXTREME and MAXX are UL and cUL listed; the ULTRA CHARGE is UL listed and CSA certified.

AMETEK Prestolite Power and Switch is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with annual sales of more than of $1 billion. For more information, contact AMETEK Prestolite Power and Switch, 2220 Corporate Drive, Troy, OH 45373. Tel: (937) 440-0800. Fax: (937) 440-0840. Website:

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