Battery/Antifreeze Tester uses blue filter system.

Press Release Summary:

Model 11J16 hand held refractometer indicates specific gravity, freezing point temperature, and battery charging levels. Test requires one or two drops of sample on prism surface to read propylene glycol (-60 to +32°F), ethylene glycol (-84 to +32°F), or battery fluid (1.100 to 1.400 SG). Battery fluid scale also shows recharge, fair, and good conditions. It includes adjustable knob for calibration and rubber eyepiece guard.

Original Press Release:

Battery/Antifreeze Tester (Refractometer) Measure Low Freezing Temperature on Glycols Down to -84° - Unit Comes with Automatic Temperature

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc. is pleased to introduce its battery/antifreeze tester which is a hand held refractometer designed for the indication of specific gravity, freezing point temperature and battery charging levels.

The test is easy to do: simply place a drop or two of the sample on the prism surface, hold up to a light, and read directly propylene glycol (-60 to 32°F), ethylene glycol (-84 to 32°F) or battery fluid (1.100 to 1.400 SG), depending upon sample selected. The battery fluid scale also shows condition, such as "recharge", "fair", and "good".

Unit is easy to read, as the tester has a blue filter system giving very sharp and clear readings. The test takes only a few seconds.

The Model 11J16 Battery/Antifreeze Tester (refractometer) weighs only 7 ounces, and is only 6" long. It comes with an adjustable knob for easy calibration. It also has a rubber eyepiece guard which shields out extraneous light for easy readability.

This model is used to determine concentration of coolant and freezing point temperature in all vehicles, and should serve the following:

trucks, buses, construction vehicles, taxis, tractors, fork lifts, earth moving equipment, and can be used by gas stations, automotive service shops. It should also be helpful to companies having their own fleet of trucks.

For additional information, write to:

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc.

420 Kenazo Avenue

El Paso TX 79928-7339

Telephone: 915-852-3375

Fax: 915-852-4084



Contact: John P. Kelly, Sales Director

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