Basler Enters Own Brand Lens Market

February 2015 will mark the launch of series production of the Basler own brand C-mount lenses, the Basler Lenses.

This Basler Original Equipment represents the company's foray into accessories developed specifically to match customer needs and an aim to harmonise perfectly with their cameras. The lenses are produced exclusively for Basler and are available only from Basler.

The benefits of the new Basler Lenses include optimisation for sensors smaller than 1/2" and compatability with the Basler Ace and Dart camera.  In addition, the extreme high 5 MP of resolution allows for razor-sharp images and at a competitive price/performance ratio.  They are also optimally suited for standard machine vision applications with a working distance of 0.5 m and have been designed in cooperation with Fujinon.

Basler believes that with Basler Lenses, customers will benefit from the latest sensor technology simply by selecting the right lens size to match the size of the camera sensors. The synergy between these products is designed to be tremendous, and the company believe that this shows the lengths they are willing to go to achieve the best-possible performance from their cameras, whilst still remaining competitive.

In addition, the new Lens Selector makes it easy to search for the right lens for a Basler area scan camera. The Lens Selector is built around a complex set of calculations, but from the user standpoint it is remarkably easy to use: Visitor to the web site can enter the pertinent data for their application (such as necessary angle of view, working distance, lens size, etc.). The Lens Selector then calculates the necessary focal length and proposes suitable lenses for the size and resolution of the sensor.

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