Basket Strainers handle corrosive and high-purity fluid flow.

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Kynar® PVDF based FLUOR-O-SHIEL(TM) basket strainers remove waste solids from high purity fluid streams to prevent damage to sensitive downstream equipment. Strainers operate at temperatures up to 300°F, are FDA compliant, and impervious to UV radiation. Encapsulated o-ring seats prevent blow-by and external leakage in this all-fluoropolymer wetted-surface construction. Strainers are available in sizes ½-3 in. with variety of connections and mesh screens.

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Introducing Kynar® PVDF Basket Strainers For Corrosive and High-Purity Fluid Flow

Feb. 5, 08, Yonkers, NY -- Basket strainers made of Kynar® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) are now available exclusively from Micromold Products, Inc. and its distributors. With higher capacity than Y-Strainers, these units capture substantial un-dissolved solids, thereby extending the life of expensive downstream equipment and reducing down time in the chemical process industries.

A sister product of Micromold's PVDF Y-Strainers -- but with greater capacity -- these highly corrosion resistant, all plastic FLUOR-O-SHIEL(TM) basket strainers enable higher operating temperatures (up to 300°F, 150°C), and they cost less and are more cost effective than lined steel or exotic metal units.

The strainers remove suspended or waste solids from corrosive or high-purity fluid streams, to prevent damage to sensitive downstream equipment such as pumps, valves, instruments and spray nozzles.

Plastic strainers previously available were not able to handle corrosive materials such as halogens and many acids, or temperatures exceeding 220°F (105°C). PVDF far outperforms PVC, CPVC, polypropylene and acetal materials used in ordinary plastic strainers.

The Micromold PVDF strainers are impervious to UV radiation. They are FDA compliant, and they have high rigidity and resistance to creep under mechanical loads.

The new basket strainers will serve chemical, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, paper and pulp, food and beverage, water treatment and similar process industries. With the low extractable values of Kynar PVDF, these strainers are especially well suited for semiconductor applications. They will also be cost effective in electropolishing components used in medical equipment and other applications. With their resistance to radiation and hot acids, they also handle nuclear waste processing.

The Micromold design offers the advantage of a compact envelope together with a high-capacity, slant-head PTFE cartridge for lower pressure drop and long cartridge life. An easily removable screw top and drain plug along with other elements of Micromold's elegant and robust construction allow easy cartridge removal and quick clean-out. Encapsulated o-ring seats prevent blow-by and external leakage in this all-fluoropolymer wetted-surface construction.

Sizes from ½ inch to 3 inch, with a wide variety of connections and mesh screens, are readily available for immediate delivery.

Micromold Products, Inc. manufactures a broad line of fluid flow equipment - including pipe, tube and fittings; valves; strainers; spacers, flanges and gaskets; reaction vessel accessories; and tanks -- in many high-performance plastics including PTFE, PVDF, PFA, FEP, polypropylene, PEEK, nylon, PCTFE and UHMW polyethylene. In business since 1950, the company sells worldwide, primarily through distributors.

For further information, see and contact Micromold Products, Inc., Dept. S3, Yonkers, NY, 914-969-2850.

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