BASF Provides Exclusive Technology for Run-Flat Tires

WYANDOTTE, MI, March 2, 2010 - BASF Polyurethane Solutions today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Dynamic Runflats, Inc. (DRI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Defense Venture Group based in Indian Land, South Carolina, to manufacture and market run-flat tire components and systems for military and other applications.

"BASF is very pleased to have found a partner who shares its passion for developing run-flat tires for military applications," said Joe Shirmer, Business Manager for BASF Polyurethane Systems North America. "We have a very robust technology for this application and look forward to working with DRI to bring run-flat tires to the market."

BASF brings to the agreement two technologies that form a system to help enable tires to run when flat. BASF's proprietary elastomer technology, Elastocast®, is molded into specially designed parts, and inserted into tires so that if the tire loses air pressure the vehicle would still maintain control and stability allowing drivers the opportunity to delay fixing the flat until they are in a permissive location to accomplish the repair. The other part of BASF's proprietary system is a polyurethane foam technology, Elastofoam®, which helps hold the elastomer inserts in place within the tire cavity.

"DRI selected the BASF Polyurethane technology because it truly stood out and performed better than any other technology available today," said Mike Marquart, General Manager of DRI.

BASF's polyurethane technology passed rigorous testing to meet all military requirements. In fact, BASF's polyurethane system proves extremely ballistic resistant, even 50 caliber rounds pass through without affecting the runflat.

In addition, the design of the run-flat tire that uses BASF's technology is 60 percent faster to install than currently used technology and no special tools are required. "No tools required' is very important in military theater operations," said Marquart.

The first vehicle to be built using this proprietary run-flat tire technology was unveiled in North Carolina in late February.

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