BASF Launches Starch-Based, Allergen-Free Lycopene for Beverages

Universal formula for use in all major countries worldwide

FLORHAM PARK, NJ, November 10, 2009 - BASF Corporation today announced LycoVit® 10 CWD/S, a vegetarian lycopene formulation designed especially for beverage and food applications at Supply Side West, an international trade show and conference that takes place from Nov. 12-13, 2009, at the Venetian and the Sands Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visitors to BASF's booth 20099 will have the opportunity to hear a presentation on LycoVit 10 CWD/S.

Tomatoes, water melons, papayas and pink grapefruits have their bright red color in common, which comes from the carotenoid lycopene. Apart from its coloring qualities, lycopene is a potent antioxidant, which reduces the damaging effect of reactive oxygen species in human cells and helps promote cell protection.

LycoVit 10 CWD/S is allergen-free, vegetarian, non-animal derived, protein-free, GMO-free, BSE/TSE-unaffected, kosher and halal. As it is cold-water dispersible, it is suitable for basically all beverages like lemonades, sport drinks, multivitamin juices, fruit-based drinks, ready-to-drink beverages, liquid supplements and meal replacements. In addition, LycoVit 10 CWD/S can be used in many foods like dairy products, cereals and nutrition bars. LycoVit 10 CWD/S is part of BASF's "Universal Formula" range of nutritional ingredients that can be used in all major countries worldwide.

BASF's LycoVit is a nature-identical lycopene, manufactured for human nutrition. A direct-compressible powder (LycoVit 10 percent DC) for tablets and hard capsules, as well as an oily dispersion (LycoVit Dispersion 10 percent) for use in soft capsules and fat-based foods, have already been available for some time.

With LycoVit 10 CWD/S, BASF extends its product range to help its customers to embrace even more innovative applications for Lycopene.

Scientific evidence for health benefits as an antioxidant and in prostate health exists for the antioxidant lycopene. Clinical studies indicated that the intake of LycoVit supplements can reduce oxidative damage in white blood cells of elderly women, and can inhibit progression of age-related prostate enlargement in elderly men.

BASF has more than 30 years of experience in nutrition. In every region of the world, BASF's customers can rely on its high quality products and services. BASF is specialized in the production of raw materials and the premium formulations needed for successful application in human nutrition.

Its products meet the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements worldwide. This sets an unprecedented quality standard in the industry.

With its products, a sustainable commitment to the nutrition industry and a policy of continuous improvement, BASF is adding quality to the world of nutrition.

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