Baseband Video + Audio Hub

Run Video and Stereo Audio signals over Cat5 or better wiring

The ETS CAT5 A/V Broadcast System is a UTP Audio/Video Distribution Hub. It has baseband video with two channels of line-level audio transmit through the distribution amplifier, creating 8 out-put sets (video + stereo audio) from a single source. The powered AV608 can be cascaded twice (three tiers), yielding a total distribution of 512 displays from just one input source.

The Audio-Video Distribution Hub System (AV608) supports NTSC, PAL, SECAM, CCTV color video and stereo audio signals over a total run length in excess of 330 meters (inclusive of all cable segments) on Category 5 or better cable. Black and white signals can be run to a length up to 750 meters.

Great for in-store advertising, healthcare facilities, worship halls etc. The system works extremely well and is economical.

About ETS - Woman Owned Small Business

Since 1967, ETS began with custom-made transformers and in 1981 continued as innovators of balun, hub, adapter and splitter technology. ETS has provided media conversion solutions for analog or digital audio, analog or digital video, sending and receiving signals over Cat 5e, 6 or 6a UTP or STP. ETS also provides solutions with "made in the USA" custom designed products.


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