Bartite Sealing Screws Tested to Withstand 8,000 PSI

An Advanced Alternative To Screw/O-Ring Combinations

Wilmington, MA - Gaynor Industries is pleased to announce the successful completion of independent hydrostatic pressure testing for BarTite Sealing Screws. Testing results place BarTite Sealing Screws at or above pressure capabilities of many standard screw/o-ring combinations. According to Leo Prokopovich, Product Manager, "BarTite Sealing Screws utilize a plastisol sealant that offers broad chemical resistance and rivals the performance of common rubber o-rings. BarTite Sealing Screws are the preferred alternative to static rubber seals."

The product evaluations were conducted at Intertek's Cortland Safety Facility in Cortland, NY.

Designed to seal out moisture, vapors, liquids, chemicals, pressurized air, and other contaminants, the screws employ a proprietary, stable and non-aging plastisol sealant resistant to a wide range of liquids including petrochemicals, water, acids, solvents, hydrocarbons, and salt sprays. The sealant is applied within a precision groove under the fastener head.

A 360° impervious seal is achieved by applying torque, which forces the plastisol sealant to flow out in every direction as well as down into the threads. The sealant will fill all potential leak paths creating a truly dynamic seal unlike any other. BarTite Sealing Screws are suitable for use in electrical enclosures, electronics, hydraulics, automotive technologies, communication equipment, and numerous other industrial and commercial applications where sealing is required.

Gaynor Industries provides specialized sealing washers, nuts and screws to a diverse range of manufacturers across a variety of industries. Manufactured in Wilmington, Massachusetts, the BarTite, BarClad, and BarPad series of sealing fasteners offer superior performance and advanced designs to deliver sealing solutions that will stand the test of time.

Leo Prokopovich

Product Manager

P: (978) 658-5500


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