Barrier provides air and vapor protection.

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Perm-A-Barrier® Liquid protects above-grade wall assemblies against damaging effects of air, vapor, and water ingress. It also guards against air infiltration and exfiltration while minimizing energy loss. Perm-A-Barrier can be spray-applied directly to green or damp-to-touch concrete and masonry surfaces. Due to elastomeric nature, product will bridge cracks and accommodate minor structural movements. It has asphalt-free formulation and remains flexible to -30°C.

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Grace Construction Products Introduces Perm-A-Barrier® Liquid Air and Vapor Barrier

Provides Superior Air and Vapor Protection

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., February 18, 2004 - Grace Construction Products, a leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty building materials, introduces Perm-A-Barrier® Liquid, an air and vapor barrier product offering for use in above grade wall assemblies.

Perm-A-Barrier Liquid will protect above grade wall assemblies against the damaging effects of air, vapor and water ingress. It also provides an effective barrier against air infiltration
and exfiltration while minimizing the associated energy loss and condensation problems. Based on Grace's proven Procor® fluid applied technology, Perm-A-Barrier Liquid offers enhanced
weatherability, up to a maximum of 60 days exposure, allowing the structure to be exposed to the environment prior to the exterior building material application.

"Today's commercial structures require superior air and vapor barrier materials," said Lawrence S. Shapiro, worldwide director of marketing for Grace Construction Products. "Failure
to eliminate air leakage will result in energy inefficiencies and moisture accumulation consequently leading to deterioration in the building structure, and possible mold growth leading
to poor indoor air quality. Our customers can continue to rely on Grace as the most dependable supplier of building solutions to meet their needs."

Perm-A-Barrier Liquid can be spray-applied directly to "green" or damp-to-touch concrete and masonry surfaces and a variety of other substrates easily with minimal surface preparation. Its versatility makes this product easy to use at detailed areas such as internal and external corners, pipe penetrations, brick ties, etc. Perm-A-Barrier Liquid's compatibility with Grace's full range of above and below grade moisture protection products allows the designer to confidently specify a building envelope system that can be relied upon to protect the structure
throughout its full service life. Due to its elastomeric nature, Perm-A-Barrier Liquid will bridge cracks and accommodate minor structural movements. It has an asphalt-free formulation, does not become brittle with age and remains flexible to minus 30 C.

"As local and national building codes move towards requirements for high performance air barrier systems, Grace has responded by developing a best-in-class product that will allow designers and contractors to meet these requirements in a safe, productive and cost effective way," added Shapiro.

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Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Grace Construction Products, a division of W. R. Grace & Co. Conn., (NYSE: GRA), is a leading manufacturer worldwide of concrete admixtures,
cement-processing additives, masonry products, products for architectural concrete, fire protection and waterproofing products. The company has more than 125 plants and sales offices
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