Barricades ensure safe crowd management.

Press Release Summary:

One-piece, molded-polypropylene MOVIT(TM) barricades are 6 ft 6 in. long, 3 ft 3 in. high, and weigh 26.5 lb. They are structurally designed to withstand loads exceeding 1,100 lbs. Units feature ANSI A10.18 certification for compression, drop, flexion, weather, and tension. They can be set up quickly and linked together without tools or additional hardware. Colors include silver, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Original Press Release:

Lightweight Movit(TM) Exclusive "One Piece" Barricades Ensure Safe, Attractive, and Economical Crowd Management

Easily Interlinked Units Constructed of Zero-maintenance Polypropylene for Durability
MINI-MOVIT soon to be introduced

(Fairfield, NJ -August 21, 2002) - MLR International has recently introduced a light weight, attractive and extremely durable line of molded polypropylene MOVIT(TM) barricades, Patent#US6190084B1, now available in silver in addition to red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. MLR's MOVIT(TM) is the only "one piece" unit on the market with no weak points normally associated with standard two piece barricades.

MLR will soon introduce MINI-MOVIT a companion piece to the MOVIT(TM) barricade. Half the size, 3' 1" long X 3' 3" high, it allows for additional versatility in crowd management situations.

MLR International, the exclusive source of a wide range of commercial and industrial safety and assembly products is ready to fill all orders from four strategically located regional warehouses throughout the United States.

MOVIT(TM) barricades are an attractive addition to any venue, offering an alternative to the traditional cumbersome steel or wooden barricades available on the market. Their broad range of bright colors makes it possible to coordinate with any motif, indoor or out. MOVIT(TM) can be easily customized with a specific logo.

Initial applications in municipal public safety departments, airports, universities, sports and entertainment facilities, resorts, zoos and theme parks, construction sites, malls, corporate and military facilities, and others have shown the MOVIT(TM) barricades to provide the longest lasting method of safely and efficiently controlling and directing crowds. Units are certified safe around children and adults with ANSI A10.18 certification for compression, drop, flexion, weather and tension. The choice of colors in which the MOVIT(TM) barricades can be ordered is particularly useful for public safety applications, where visibility is key to effectiveness. MOVIT(TM) barricades can be quickly set up and linked together without tools or additional hardware. The barricades can be stacked just as quickly for storage or movement to another location.

The weatherproof, heavy-duty polypropylene construction means the MOVIT(TM) barricades are suitable for any situation, standing up to rough pavement while at the same time protecting indoor floors and finishes. Polypropylene is also directly recyclable, simplifying disposal in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

MOVIT(TM) barricades are 6' 6" long, 3' 3" high and weigh just 26.5 pounds yet are structurally designed to withstand loads exceeding 1,100 pounds. Suggested application temperature ranges from below zero to 131°F.

For more information, pricing, and engineering details, write, fax, or access the web site: MLR International, 271 Route 46W, Suite D 205, Fairfield, NJ 07004. (800) 281-5229 (973) 808-2028 Fax: (973) 808-9343

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