Barix Unveils Three-Tier Approach to Emergency Messaging over IP

ZURICH, Switzerland, Oct. 10 / / -- Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, Intercom and monitoring, announces its three-tier approach to emergency messaging on multi-building campuses, now available and shipping in various configurations.

Barix offers a complete range of IP connected devices for security applications including Annuncicom intercoms, Exstreamer audio decoders, and Defconlock access control/door management systems. All three IP-based devices can be deployed in various tiers as ancillary equipment to improve existing paging and security systems on university campuses with housing and educational facilities; in airports, train stations, and municipal bus stations; and on corporate campuses with multiple buildings.

"Many campuses and transportation centers today are unaware that they already have the necessary backbone for a strong security system," said Andy Stadheim, CEO of Barix Technology, U.S. "The Barix approach to implementing ancillary emergency notification and response over IP, utilizing the existing network infrastructure, is ideal for cost-conscious organizations that need an affordable, high performance system that is quickly and easily implemented. Our three-tier approach to ancillary emergency messaging allows these campuses to gradually scale their systems, using open standards, protocols and devices to integrate SIP implementations, voice over IP, and other applications without being locked into a limited or proprietary paging or security system."

The first tier is campus wide paging, using off-the-shelf Annuncicom intercom devices ($395) and Exstreamer 100 audio decoders ($195) to enable building-wide paging over existing PA systems. One or multiple Annuncicom devices, integrated as centralized wall Intercoms, can communicate with Exstreamer decoders at each campus building over the IP environment. The Exstreamer decoders at each building connect to a PA system to broadcast emergency messages received from the Annuncicom. Multicast configurations can broadcast the message to all Exstreamers for point-to-multipoint campus-wide paging. No central server or intelligence is needed, making the system very cost effective, scaleable, easy to deploy and manageable.

The second tier is campus wide intercom and offers more direct ancillary emergency communication by installing Annuncicom devices in each room of a building. In the university setting, the main Annuncicom devices could communicate with other Annuncicoms, either in an "all call" intercom scenario to multiple classrooms or through a software configuration to pinpoint specific classrooms. A more complete system could use an indexed directory with standard telephone extensions and use the SIP protocol to initiate connections from a SIP-enabled phone to any Annuncicom by simply dialing an extension number.

A third tier is campus wide security and lockdown which can be accomplished by adding Barix Defconlock access control and door management systems for campus wide lockdown in critical emergency situations. The Annuncicom device can communicate with Defconlock to activate door strikes, provide door monitoring and alarming, and authorize entry. The Defconlock IP controller is compatible with many common Wiegand card access control readers available on the market. By supporting Wiegand, users can often upgrade existing systems and re-use the same card readers.

"The Barix approach of delivering IP devices that support open standards and protocols ensures the best chance of your paging and security systems to integrate with existing hardware, and upgrade with new hardware from any vendor moving forward," said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and Founder of Barix.

More than 50 top listed educational facilities in the U.S. already use Barix devices for affordable lecture recording, paging and security, radio distribution and classroom notifications. An emergency notification system, using existing PA systems on a three-building campus, starts at below $1200 MSRP.

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