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Supporting more than 26 commonly used 1D and 2D barcode symbologies, Accu2000 Barcode provides small businesses with benefits of customized barcode system, including inventory control, document management, customized tag ID and product packaging, and purchase-trend tracking. Program can design and print labels with barcodes, numbers, text, images, and lines, and is compatible with wide range of database platforms, including SQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, XML, and CSV.

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Accu2000 Barcode Puts Big Business Barcode Capability of in the Hands of Small Businesses

Small businesses can now get the same level of inventory control, document management, product packaging and purchase-trend tracking as big businesses. Accu2000 Barcode label design and printing software makes customized barcode systems affordable and easy to implement - and Accu2000 Barcode's unlimited trial offer makes purchasing risk free.

Now even the smallest of businesses can benefits of a customized barcode system, including improved inventory control and document management, customized tag ID and product packaging, identifying purchasing trends, reducing human error, and easier shipment tracking.

Accu2000 Barcode label design and printing software, new from Louisville, Ky.-based, is designed for easy use by business owners and managers - no IT professional needed. And it is priced low enough that any size business can afford it. Additionally, customers can try the software without cost or obligation for an unlimited amount of time.

With prices starting as low as $69 for a single-user license, Accu2000 Barcode can enable even the smallest business to implement a customized barcode system that will give them more control over their business and increase profits. Yet, despite its highly affordable price, Accu2000 Barcode contains all the highly functional features needed by even the largest business, including:

- Support for more than 26 of the most commonly used 1-D and 2-D barcode symbologies (A complete list of compatible barcode symbologies can be found online at

- Ability to design and print labels with barcodes, numbers, text, images and lines

- Compatibility with a wide range of database platforms, including SQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, XML, CSV and more

- Exporting label designs to most image formats, including .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ico, and more for easier package and label design

- Compatibility with most printers on the market, ranging from ink jet and laser printers to thermal printers and continuous page printers

- Predefined label templates for most label manufacturers, including Avery, PIMACO, Herma, Zweckform and more

Yet, despite its many powerful and flexible features, Accu2000 Barcode is simple enough for anyone to use. It's intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface requires no training and no learning curve, making it accessible to any business owner or manager. Users do not need an IT professional or database expert to implement Accu2000 Barcode, making it ideal for small businesses who don't have such personnel on their payroll.

"We found most software on the market were too complex and too expensive for small business owners," said founder Dr. Ge. "We believe small business owners should focus their time and energy on running their businesses, not trying to figure out how to run the software. We wanted to build something that was user friendly, super simple, affordable & totally risk free."

Money is tight in today's economy, and no one can afford to throw away money on software that isn't right for their business. That's why gives free, unfettered access to Accu2000 Barcode for an unlimited trial time.

Companies who need to integrate Accu2000 Barcode with other programs and applications can also purchase Accu2000 Barcode Component. Developers can use Accu2000 Barcode Component to integrate Accu2000 Barcode's user-friendly barcode generating features with their existing software for complete customization.

Accu2000 Barcode Component is available in .NET assemblies for use with both Windows Forms Applications and More information on Accu2000 Barcode Component can be found online at

About is a leading software provider of easy-to-use barcode software for small to medium size businesses. delivers easy-to-use quality software at affordable price.

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