Bar Hanger eases installation for electrical contractors.

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Compatible with all common construction materials, Pro-Nail(TM) incorporates real nail to facilitate fastening of bar hanger to joist. Flutes on nail shank lend to holding power, and nail position promotes installation. Multiple features also allow removal of nail for housing repositioning. In addition to curtain rod shaft design, other components include integral joist alignment, grid lock, and friction tabs. Product lets housings in adjacent ceiling tiles be aligned without offset.

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Prescolite "Nails" New Bar Hanger Design

Recognizing the critical importance of easy installation to the electrical contractor, the Prescolite brand of Hubbell Lighting has introduced a new labor-saving bar hanger featuring an integral real nail. The new bar hanger, called Pro-Nail(TM), is now standard on most housings within the LiteBox® family of recessed downlights used in residential and light commercial applications.

Pro-Nail is compatible with all common construction materials including wood framing, engineered I-beams, laminated veneer lumber, steel joists, glue laminated structural timber, and most conventional T-bar ceilings. Pro-Nail incorporates a real nail to fasten the bar hanger to the joist easily and effectively. The flutes on the nail's shank provide good holding power and the nail is positioned for easy installation. Because nobody's perfect, Pro-Nail also includes multiple features that allow removal of the nail for easy housing repositioning. An optional sheet metal screw featuring a combination Phillips and Robertson drive head is also available to accommodate steel joist construction or contractor preference.

An integral joist alignment tab makes installation a breeze. The contractor simply positions the tab against the bottom of the joist for instant, precise housing alignment every time. The tab is scored for easy removal to allow higher positioning of the joist and features a bottom slot for temporary, adjustable positioning from below.

T-bar ceiling installation is easy and secure with Pro-Nail. An integral grid-lock tab is bent down by the contractor using a screwdriver and snapped onto the T-bar for compliance with the requirements set forth in UL's 1598 standard. A hole in the tab accommodates screw attachment to the T-bar if desired and, unlike most other bar hangers today, the Pro-Nail(TM) bar hanger allows housings in adjacent ceiling tiles to be aligned without offset.

The shaft of the Pro-Nail(TM) bar hanger is a "curtain rod" design, 150% stronger than the "overlap" designs commonly used by others and preventing dangerous sharp edges and burrs. A friction tab prevents Pro-Nail from sliding when the installer doesn't want it to and a stop tab prevents the bar hanger from coming apart when fully extended.

The fixture housing can be positioned anywhere along the full length of the bar hanger (up to 24") and locked into place by crimping locking tabs on the plaster frame.
The Pro-Nail(TM) shaft also features a dimensioned scale to allow easy pre-set before the contractor gets on the ladder.

Pro-Nail includes score lines to allow easy, tool-less bar hanger breakdown for tight joist spacing as narrow as 10" and can be quickly and easily reoriented 90° on the plaster frame to avoid obstructions, or re-orient the junction box.

Seven additional mounting points are provided on each end of each bar hanger to accommodate additional fasteners (if desired) or to fasten the fixture to the building structure with wire as may be required by certain local codes in T-bar applications.

Prescolite, a division of Hubbell Lighting, Inc., is a major manufacturer of high performance downlighting, track lighting, and surface lighting serving commercial, institutional, and residential markets.

Literature, specifications, and pricing information for LiteBox® downlights with Pro-Nail(TM) bar hangers is available from Prescolite, 701 Millennium Boulevard, Greenville, SC 29607. Telephone: (864) 678-1000. Visit Prescolite online at

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