Bar-Code Scanner plugs into Pocket PCs.

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Laser In-Hand Scan Xtreme(TM) Model PDF417, a Type I CompactFlash plug-in card, fits Pocket PCs and other Windows CE-based hand-held computers, including Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada, and Casio Cassiopeia. It has laser scanning engine that decodes PDF417 bar codes and all other popular linear bar-code symbologies. With PC Card adapter, it can be used in 5 V devices, such as Windows-powered laptops. Developer's kit is available at web site.

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Socket Unveils Industry's First PDF417 Bar Code Scanner for Pocket PCs

In-Hand Scan Xtreme(TM) Offers Scanning Speed and Accuracy to Handheld Computer Users SAN JOSE, CA, January 28, 2002-Socket Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT, PSE: SOK) the Mobile Connection Company, today announced the release of the world's first plug-in PDF417 laser bar code scanner for Pocket PCs and other Windows CE based handheld computers. The new version of In-Hand Scan Xtreme(TM) is Mobility Friendly(TM), and is easy to install, use and maintain. This new CompactFlash plug-in card brings the benefits of scanning-speed and accuracy-to Pocket PC users.

The In-Hand Scan Xtreme is a Type I CompactFlash plug-in card with an integrated high-speed, miniature laser scanning engine designed to decode PDF417 bar codes, in addition to all other popular linear bar code symbologies. Designed for 3.3volt operation, the Xtreme expands the number of devices that can be used with this card, including Pocket PCs such as the Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada and Casio Cassiopeia. With a PC Card adapter, the Xtreme can be used in 5volt devices, such as Windows powered laptops.

Delphi Integrated Service Solutions, a supplier of integrated systems and modules, used the Xtreme in a technology trial to reduce transaction time for consumers getting their vehicles checked for smog emission. Rather than manually writing driver and vehicle identification information on paper, smog station attendants read the PDF417 bar code included on smog check notifications to populate a handheld computer with the same driver and vehicle information. This information was wirelessly transmitted to a host terminal and used to print out test results.

"Socket's In-Hand Scan Xtreme enabled us to build a PDF417 scanning solution with standard technology devices-like the Pocket PC - eliminating the need for specialized equipment," comments Bill Wrubel, director of Operations for Delphi Integrated Service Solutions, a business unit of Delphi Aftermarket Operations. "The Xtreme reduced our costs and enabled us to begin trials much faster than we would have, had we needed to integrate a specialized device. A solution based on standard technology also makes replacing a component or upgrading devices easy. Smog station attendants using the Xtreme reported speedier transaction times and reduced errors-getting through the smog check line just became much less painful for drivers." The In-Hand Scan-Xtreme is available immediately to developers and vertical solution providers. Developers are urged to use the SocketScan Software Developer's Kit (available from the Socket web site) to incorporate PDF417 scanning capabilities into their applications. This SDK is also available as a package, which includes one In-Hand Scan - Xtreme. For more information, contact Mark King ( or visit

About PDF417
Developed by Symbol Technologies, PDF417 is a 2-D bar code symbology capable of encoding up to 1,800 bytes of data on a single label, offering 100 times the capacity of traditional linear bar codes. 2-D scanning is more than 50 times faster and 30,000 times more accurate than manual data entry. PDF417 bar codes can enhance existing bar code applications as well as create new applications in government, health care, logistics, manufacturing, transportation, automotive and retail markets. Many types of information can be stored in the bar code, such as MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, pictures, voiceprints and other digital files-anything you could store on a floppy disk or CD. PDF417 has been recognized by the major worldwide standards bodies and has been designated by the U.S. Department of Defense as the standard 2-D bar code for logistics applications and EDI formatting on paper labels.

More information about the bar code symbology is available at

About Socket
Socket Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT, PSE: SOK), the Mobile Connection Company, provides the broadest range of connection products for Windows powered handheld computers, including Bluetooth cards, wireless LAN cards, digital phone cards, 56K modem cards, and Ethernet cards. Socket also provides bar code scanning products and peripheral connection serial cards for laptops and other mobile devices. Socket products are 'Mobility Friendly', leading the market with the smallest footprint and lowest power consumption in their class, while being easy to install, use and maintain. Socket products work with handheld devices made by leading handheld manufacturers, including Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Casio, and Palm. Socket also works closely with Microsoft and with mobile phone manufacturers, including Nokia, Ericsson, and Motorola, to ensure smooth interoperability between the companies' product lines. Socket is headquartered in Newark, California, and can be reached at (510) 744-2700, or on the Internet at

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