Banding System enables ties of any length.

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Unlike smooth plastic banding that must be connected with steel buckles, Q-Band® is designed with teeth that allow connecting clip to grip band. Q-Band® is adjustable and reusable, and since clip is not pre-connected to band, ties of any length are possible. Made of polypropylene with fiber reinforcement, Q-Band is suited for HVAC, insulation, electrical, chemical, and maritime industries.

Original Press Release:

Q-BAND® - High Performance Patented Banding System Saves Money and Time

Cleveland, OH: GLT Products offers Q-Band®, a patented band and clip system with a unique design that offers many advantages over traditional banding.

Unlike traditional plastic banding that is smooth and must be connected with steel buckles, Q-Band® is designed with "teeth" that allow the connecting clip to grip the band. Unlike banding with metal buckles or cut-to-length plastic ties, Q-Band® is easily adjustable and reusable.

Q-Band®'s clip is not pre-connected to the band. This allows for ties of any length with zero waste. Unlike other types of banding, Q-Band® is easily releasable and reusable, reducing inventory and waste.

Made of polypropylene with special fiber reinforcement, Q-Band® has all of the benefits of plastic, with the added strength required for banding jobs. Q-Band® is ideal for hundreds of applications requiring a strong, versatile and easy to use banding system. Typical applications include: HVAC, insulation, electrical, chemical and maritime industries.

Headquartered in the Cleveland, OH area, GLT Products manufactures, fabricates and distributes Specialty Insulation Systems for commercial, residential and industrial applications around the world. Choose GLT Products for a one-stop-shop experience, same day shipping, competitive pricing and global distribution.

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