Band Selective Repeaters suit GSM and UMTS networks.

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Including Models BR-900 and BR-1800, BR Band Selective Repeaters feature up to 80 dB gain and UL/DL output power of +20 dBm. Automatic Gain Setting (AGS) function enables units to adjust UL gain level automatically according to DL path loss, ensuring that UL path does not produce any interference to BTS under any kind of installation environment. All settings can be adjusted via integrated keypad that is located on front panel.

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Coiler Introduces the All New BR Repeater Series for GSM and UMTS Networks

Coiler Introduces the all new BR Band Selective Repeater Series

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 1 -- Stemming from the popularity of its BR-2200 UMTS Band Selective Repeater, Coiler now offers network operators the capability to enhance network performance and improve coverage on their GSM 900 and 1800 networks with the addition of the BR-900 and 1800 models. The BR Series will provide the reliable mobile performance that operators have come to expect from Coiler for their customers, with the addition of many new and exciting capabilities.

In order to further enhance network performance and continue to improve coverage, upgrades such as an Automatic Gain Setting (AGS) and integrated keypad have been added. These same innovative features are all available to operators in the BR-900 and BR-1800 models for GSM networks.

The BR Series' most significant feature upgrade includes the increase in gain of up to 80dB. Together with an UL/DL output power of +20dBm, the BR Series will deliver the most reliable mobile performance in office and residential areas, restaurants, supermarkets, and many other large indoor areas. The benefits of having an increase in gain of 80 dB will not only give your customers a stronger signal but will also widen their coverage.

To continue with Coiler's innovative tradition, engineers have developed an Automatic Gain Setting that has been built into the repeater's main unit. The AGS function enables the repeater to adjust the UL gain level automatically according to the DL path loss. Through this smart function, the BR Series can ensure that the UL path will not produce any interference to the BTS under any kind of installation environment. This will allow the repeater to adapt to changing network conditions and provide consistent coverage in the targeted area.

To make things even more convenient, all the settings on the BR Series models can be adjusted easily via the integrated keypad that is located on the front panel. In case you want to set the gain manually to enable flexible adoption to various mobile environments, the BR Series provides individual control of UL and DL gain.

Always with the needs of the network operator in mind, Coiler has developed and improved the BR Series of Band Selective Repeaters to create a strong and reliable coverage area for their customers on both GSM and UMTS networks. To find more information on how the BR series will solve the challenges of optimal cellular network access visit Coiler's website at

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Thanks to their innovative market leadership in the repeater industry, Coiler is helping network operators achieve their full potential in providing their customers with guaranteed indoor coverage. For more information please visit Coiler's website at for full specification details.

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