Band Saw Blade cuts tubes and profiles.

Press Release Summary:

Targeting structural and fabrication industries, 3853 TOP Fabricator features PF tooth design that makes teeth resistant to tooth-stripping. M42 tooth material extends blade life, while floating set optimizes surface finish. Designed to minimize out-of-square cutting and cutting noise, 3853 TOP Fabricator is suited for cutting I-beam, angle iron, bundles, square and round tubes, H-beam, channel, and any structural steel.

Original Press Release:

3853 TOP Fabricator for Tubes or Profiles

3853 TOP Fabricator a new and improved bandsaw blade from Milford for cutting Tubes or Profiles. 3853 TOP Fabricator sets a new standard of cutting performance for the structural and fabrication industry.

In pre-launch tests conducted in 8 countries using different materials and on different machines the new 3853 TOP Fabricator could not be beaten by competitors' blades.

The new PF tooth design makes the teeth stronger, more resistant to tooth-stripping and longer lasting. New M42 tooth material gives longer blade life and the unique patented "floating set" gives a better surface finish. The unique combination of tooth design and rake angle provides very low cutting forces and longer tool life.

Use 3853 TOP Fabricator to cut I-Beam, angle iron, bundles, square and round tubes, H-beam, channel and any structural steel. 3853 TOP Fabricator reduces out of square cutting, stripped teeth, broken blades and cutting noise and increase blade life.

Bahco is a world leader in bandsaw blade manufacturing, and was the first tool maker in the world to institute a truly scientific approach to hand tool development. For more information on Bahco and its products, please visit

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