Balloon Forming Equipment suits medical applications.

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MSI balloon blowing/forming equipment allows use of glass, metal, split, or tubular molds to create plastic catheter balloons from extruded tubing. High-pressure nitrogen gas is applied to tubing as it is stretched inside heated mold. Heating controls enable spot and uniform heating along mold length, or combination of two, while simultaneous adjustable tube tensioning and/or stretching provides processing for optimal wall and shaft thicknesses.

Original Press Release:

Machine Solutions Inc. Announces the Launch of Balloon Blowing Equipment

Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) is pleased to announce the launch of our newest equipment for balloon blowing/forming at the MEDTEC Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany February 27 - March 1, 2007. The MSI equipment will provide solutions for both R&D and high volume manufacturing.

The process of balloon blowing/forming creates plastic catheter balloons from extruded tubing. The MSI equipment will improve on current cycle times and uniformity while allowing use of glass, metal, split or tubular molds. Balloons are blown by applying high pressure nitrogen gas to the inside of the balloon tubing while stretching the tube so that the tube section inside the heated mold expands to conform to the inside of the mold.

The unique MSI heating controls afford great flexibility in process development including spot heating along the mold length, uniform heating of the entire mold or a combination of the two. Simultaneous adjustable tube tensioning and/or stretching provides for nominal tube processing resulting in balloons with optimal balloon wall and shaft thicknesses. With a user interface designed for both ease of process development and operation, and a robust, flexible, yet repeatable process, manufacturers are provided a solution for the laborious process of balloon blowing/forming.

Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) is a leading manufacturer and pioneer in providing the medical device community with the premier solution for catheter processing applications. MSI has been instrumental in automating or semi-automating several manual processes within catheter manufacturing organizations. Please visit for additional corporate and MSI product information.

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