balesio Releases Native Format Optimization Solution for Microsoft SharePoint

STEINHAUSEN, SWITZERLAND, August 25th, 2010 - balesio AG, the leading provider of native format optimization solutions for unstructured data, today officially releases FILEminimizer SharePoint, an integrated optimization solution based on balesio's FILEminimizer technology to reduce the file storage volume on Microsoft SharePoint. FILEminimizer SharePoint reduces the size of images and Microsoft Office files, traditionally popular files shared via Microsoft SharePoint, by on average 70 percent through its content-aware, native optimization processes. Contrary to LZ and Zip compression, the FILEminimizer optimization preserves the original file format leading not only to enormous storage savings on Microsoft SharePoint but also to significant performance increases of the optimized, smaller files.

FILEminimizer SharePoint is a plug-in to Microsoft SharePoint which is centrally monitoring the upload of files to Microsoft SharePoint. The plug-in serves as well to define the optimization rules and criteria to be applied and triggers the native file optimization of uploaded files before they are stored in the Microsoft SharePoint database. The optimization process itself can easily be outsourced to a dedicated server in order not to consume too much resources of the Microsoft SharePoint server. The entirely transparent optimization process takes place in the normal Microsoft SharePoint workflow and is invisible to end users.

balesio's CEO, Daniel Bernard, comments the new release: "Microsoft SharePoint's rapid adoption is putting a headache to SharePoint administrators who need to cope with growing SharePoint storage demand and complexity. We developed FILEminimizer SharePoint to offer SharePoint administrators a solution to significantly reduce the data volume stored on Microsoft SharePoint and to reduce the expensive costs for SharePoint storage."

More information about FILEminimizer SharePoint and its native format optimization technology, prices and application scenarios are available on:

Apart from FILEminimizer SharePoint balesio offers FILEminimizer Server to reduce data volume on file servers and storage systems like SAN and NAS as well as a desktop/client version which integrates into email communication systems such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

About balesio AG

balesio AG is an internationally leading Swiss software company which develops and sells enterprise solutions in the areas of data reduction and file server and storage optimization with the applications FILEminimizer, FILEminimizer Server and FILEminimizer SharePoint. balesio software has been sold already in over 130 countries worldwide and is successfully used in small and medium-sized companies, universities, public institutions as well as by a vast majority of Fortune 500 companies already.

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