Balances accelerate weighing processes.

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With design that facilitates cleaning and handling, NewClassic MS comes in protective metal housing that is resistant to chemicals, environmental influences, and impacts. UI allows intuitive operation, with SmartKeys offering direct access to preferred applications, and HCD-Display ensures error-free reading of results. Employing MonoBloc weighing cell and Fully Automatic Calibration Technology (FACT), unit can export weighing data via USB or RS232 port.

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Robust Balances for Easy-Cleaning in Any Application

The NewClassic balance range of METTLER TOLEDO allows you to speed up your weighing processes, offering precise results, easy cleaning and handling, and a design made to last. Swiss technology combined with Swiss precision and quality assist you in creating lasting value for your business. Visit our new virtual showroom to find out more about the new features of the NewClassic balances.

Suitable for every weighing need, the NewClassic MS balance is a true workhorse, setting new standards on durability and ease of operation. A new high-quality robust metal housing offers reliable protection and is resistant to chemicals. The re-designed user-interface allows intuitive operation, with SmartKeys offering direct access to preferred applications. A modern HCD-Display guarantees error-free reading of results and is easy on the eyes. METTLER TOLEDO breaks new ground also in customer service: in a virtual showroom the user explores all functionalities of NewClassic. 3D-animations, videos and an assistant wizard help in choosing the right balance.

Long-lasting investition in precise results
Only 30 seconds - that's all it now takes to dismantle all glass panels and the draft shield of the NewClassic MS, without moving the balance, making cleaning an easy task. The robust metal housing protects the weighing cell from environmental influences and impacts. Built-in shock and overload protection guarantee a long product life. Under the elegant design sits the proven MonoBloc weighing cell and FACT: Fully Automatic Calibration Technology. Weighing data is easily stored via USB or RS232 port.

The quick way to the right balance
Visit our new virtual showroom at and check out the new great features of the NewClassic balances. Watch the videos on how easy it is to operate or clean the balance, explore the balances in detail via 3-D animations and zoom functions, let our assistant guide you towards the balances that is best suited for your weighing needs.

See how to dismantle the draft shield in 30 seconds

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