Balance Systems Modular VM20 Measurement and Control System for Grinding Machines

Balance Systems has provided cutting edge balancing solutions to their customers in a variety of industries for over thirty years. Balance Systems offers balancing machines for the majority of balancing applications, and measurement and control systems for grinding machines.

The VM 20 is a modular system that incorporates grinding wheel balancing, touch sensing, and gauging within a single unit. The VM20 can be configured to the specific application with the addition of various function modules. The modules manage all the essential variables to ensure machine productivity and quality ground parts, and can be programmed from the systems panel or through program downloading/uploading.

The VM20 system can be supplied as a shelf mount, rack mount (local or remote panel), or can be integrated into the machines Windows based control with the software package. A panel can control more than one rack for a total of four balancing modules, four touch sensing (gap elimination) modules, two gauging modules, and four I/O multilink modules.

All data are displayed both graphically and digitally in one of five standard languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German and French).

The VM20 can be easily incorporated for use with a new grinding machine or as a retrofit on older grinding machines.

From their U.S. facility located in Howell, Michigan, Balance Systems provides total sales and service support, and offers a large inventory of spare parts.

For further information contact:
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General Manager
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